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I-Green Charger, The concept of adding wind turbines for Your Bike

Again, there's no end to creation and innovation of its initiator Technology Go Green. Green Technology seems to be the trend today, many new breakthroughs to Creating a Green Earth's atmosphere, previously we had Knowing ENVY, The Trash is a very Unique and Multifunctional as Pot.

Next is the I-Green concept devices that can utilize the kinetic energy of motion of the tires on your bike while you're busy paddling to work. Surprisingly, this design is slightly different from most of the kinetic energy harvesters out there, the design of I-Green offers a small propeller and not disturb your trip when you're busy riding bikes, blades that keep turning the wheels of your bike will be Amended Electricity turbines. Stored energy can be used for your electronic devices such as IPOD, HP, and portable devices other in a very green method.

Designer China, Meng Fandi who has created the i-Green, you can attach the charger to your bike and use to fill the portable device. He uses the kinetic energy of motion of a bicycle wheel and turn it into electricity, giving your cell phone or mp3 player die when you push the pedal on the road. There are several bicycle-powered charger on the market, but they use a hub dynamo to charge your portable devices. I-Green charger has a bike-called biological ReeCharge fillers that are sold for about $ 100 U.S..

How Do I Work This technology-Green Charger

Press the division of Ijo-ijo near a bicycle tire. Pull a prominent part in the box Remove tersebut.Dan Propellers

After the exit vanes. Bicycle pedal as fast as possible so get the wind to move the vanes. Turbine will work while the existing propeller turbine bergerak.Konsep of their similarities with the concept of Wind Power Generation gan. This energy is environment friendly, and easy-agan agan try to make at home. [Buy Turbinnya first]

Once the turbines convert kinetic energy into listrik.Charger will be filled and you can use that energy for portable devices anda.Bahkan when you're pedaling your bike can use it directly to the HP charger, IPOD to listen to the song. Very easy and efficient
So, using New Breakthrough of Technology in order to support the Go Green this you get 2 benefits include:

1. The body will be healthy and fit because you have to pedal a bicycle to get energy from the turbine. With Pedal bicycle, fat in the body will burn and will be issued in the form of sweat.
2. You'll get the electric energy of this tool for his charger your portable devices. Once the paddle two or three islands exceeded. Seemed to live in Heaven gan.

I think the concept of I-Green is brilliant. Designer Meng Fandi already have an iF Award and Good Design for the previous job, so I expect nothing less. I-Green is a little bike device that converts kinetic energy into electricity to charge almost any portable device. I love to ride my bike with my phone to track my progress but the GPS sensor to kill the battery. This seems like an awesome idea to keep my phone alive.
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