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MR2 Robovie the Robot Dog Funny Can Controlled by iPod...

Robovie is a cute robot dog with a heart-shaped form of the iPod Touch. Robovie MR2 sweeter than the larger sibling of Robovie R2, and small enough to put on the table. This robot has a size of only 30cm tall (about 1 foot), weight 2kg (4.4 lbs), and even has a plug / decks iPod Touch on his chest. This iPod can be used to update or to control directly (or via the wireless game pad) and equipped with super-compact CCD camera, 2 microphones, and speakers for the purpose of communication.

This little robot has 18 degrees of freedom including the eyeballs moving (2 eyes x3; head x 3, 2 arm x4; waist x1), supported by 12 Propo JR DS-326 servo motors, 4-281J VS Vstone servos, and 2 Futaba S3102 servos. Development of this robot started last year, and ATR is currently considering the matter of marketing the robot where to current pricing and availability is unknown.

This robot is perfect for a spy agency because of humor and ability that has a mini CCD camera.

This robot was developed by ATR (Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute) Intelligent Robotics and Communications Lab of Japan.

You can follow the development of this robot through twitter at:
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