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Monalisa The Da Vinci Code

As with the novel The Da Vinci Code, some historians discovered microscopic code stored in the eyes of the Mona Lisa that smile inviting mystery for centuries ago.

More than 500 years, the masterpiece of Leonardo da Vinci's famous painter had been seen by people whose numbers can not be counted again. But, now behind a mysterious smile, historians managed to find the code behind the eyes to enlarge the painting after the resolution of the institutions of the National Committee of the Italian Cultural Heritage.
'By using the naked eye, people can not find it but by using a magnifying glass extraordinary then this symbol can be seen,' said the President of the National Committee for Cultural Heritage of Italy, Silvano Vinceti, as reported by The Telegraph, England, on Thursday (6 / 1 / 2011).

Although very difficult to reveal the secret code for painting an elderly age, but the symbols hidden in the left eye seemed to letters and numbers, CE or B, according to Vincetti. While in the right eye finds letter allegedly LV is the symbol name of Leonardo Da Vinci.

Vincetti added that the arch bridge is behind Mona lisa written 72 numbers but it could have is L and the number 2.

'It was incredible because nobody could find the symbols and the results of a preliminary investigation we believe there is no mistake and accidentally put there by the artist,' he said.
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