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Synthetic Tree 1000x More Great From The Plain Tree In The absorption of CO2

Brilliant ideas can come from anywhere.  For a school project, ten years ago, Klaus Lackner suggests her daughter to make absorbent dust.  It turns out the child's school work ignited a professor of geophysics at Columbia University, United States, it is thought further.

He then designed a carbon dioxide absorber tool of polluting vehicles and factories.  Named 'synthetic tree', a tool that can absorb a thousand times more CO2 than natural trees.

Now the Global Research Technologies Laboratory, Colorado, developed a synthetic tree made from aluminum.  And the U.S. Energy Commission has approved it.  'The ultimate goal of this project is to condense the 100 thousand-year pollution absorption by trees to 30 minutes, "said Lackner told CNN last week.

Form of synthetic tree-like antenna absorbing ultraviolet light - measuring 30 x 5 meters.  Works the same basis, ie, block carbon dioxide in the air.  Like the original trees, Lackner panel capable of blowing oxygen.  Residual carbon can be used for offshore oil drilling machinery, hydrocarbons, or aviation fuel.

One tree can absorb carbon dioxide synthetic area of one hectare, equivalent to 90 thousand tons of CO2 (emissions of 15 thousand cars) a year.  If the tree can be mass-produced synthetic and effective work in developed countries, the world's carbon emissions could be reduced at least one-fifth.

Every year there are 29 billion tons of carbon dioxide pumped into the atmosphere: 80 percent comes from motor vehicles.  Each 1 gram of gasoline to produce 3.14 grams of carbon dioxide.  In Indonesia, consumption of gasoline per year to reach 584 million barrels per year.  That is, there are 291.5 million tons of carbon dioxide that we produce in one year.

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