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Photo shots of Work The Injustice and Differences

Injustice and the distinction of being the main enemy of mankind. Many tragedies slicing liver caused by injustice and the existence of these differences. Here is the photo shots of the world photographers whose work is also global. Hopefully with photographs that reflect the result of injustice and this difference can be an inspiration to us all, especially for the rulers to injustice and the difference can be removed on the face of this earth

Omayra Sánchez [1985]

Photographer: Frank Fournier
Omayra Sánchez was one of 25,000 victims of the volcano which erupted on November 14, 1985.Gadis 13-year-old trapped for 3 hari.Gambar was taken a few minutes away before he died, and caused controversy over the Colombian government is not doing rescue cekap tragedy.

The Plight of the Kosovar Refugees [1999]

Photographer: Carol Guzy -
This photo shows a new Kosovo runaway 2 year old named Agim Shala is going through a barbed wire fence at the location of camps set up by Saudi Arabia in Kukës, Albania.Anggota boy's family gathered there after the Kosovo conflict erupted.

Stricken child crawling Towards a food camp [1994]

Photographer: Kevin Carter
This photo was taken in 1994 during the crisis in Sudan.Gambar kebuluran shows a child who crawled into the back UN food aid as far as 1 km. A crow was waiting for him to die .. This image has been surprisingly dunia.Tidak anyone know what happened to that poor child included, and photographers are dikhabarkan kill themselves seteleh receive various parties kerana pressure did not save a child's

Segregated Water Fountains [1950]

Photographer: Elliott Erwitt, Magnum Photos
Picture of water fountain in North Carolina. Culture exile blacks and whites

Burning Monk - The Self-Immolation [1963]

Photographer: Malcolm Browne
Pictures of Vietnamese Buddhist monk who burned himself to death in the city this Saigon.Hal done as a protest at the political regimes which do injustice and insulate the Buddhist monks in spreading his religion.

The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire [1911]
Photographer: International Ladies Garmet workers Union
Pictures Triangle Shirtwaist Company corpses. Regulation of the company is closing the door of the refinery so that the workers (mostly female immigrant workers) are not allowed to come out with a motive circumvent theft. Fire occurred, and 146 people die from these door systems.
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