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So Muslim hero's name in the United States Cities

Few people know, from where the name of Elkader, a town in Iowa, USA.  According to an elder citizen, Frederique Boudouani, originally the name of a city of 15 thousand people that are Pony Hollow.

Elkader was first inhabited in 1836 when Elisha Boardman and Horace Bronson settled on the edge of the Turkey River in Pony Hollow.  Boardman opened the first farm and together with other early inhabitants of the school building.  Together with Timothy Davis, John Thompson, and Chester Sage describes the plan for their community which is officially on June 22, 1846.  They named the new town became Elkader.

Why Elkader?  In the city, had lived a descendant of Algerian citizens, named Abd el-Kader, a Muslim.  This young man was well-known pious, honest, and helpful to help other people.

When the era of colonialism, he led his people in resistance against French colonialism between 1830 to 1847.

He is also widely known for humanitarian action to save the lives of thousands of local Christians and foreign diplomats in Damascus.  All actions, in war and peace, in accordance with what he believed to be the duty of a Muslim.

Since the 2000s, Elkader name again surfaced.  Residents of the city promoting the return messages Abd el-Kader's life and example of moral courage, generosity, spirit of learning, and tolerance for America.

In Elkader, concerned citizens known each other.  "We do not want globalization or whatever the name is eroding these values," said Kathy Garms, volunteers at the Abd el-Kader Education Project.

According to him, the heroic life of Abd el-Kader is very relevant for today.  "He was a man who never made a clicking sound impressed President Lincoln, Queen Victoria, Pope Pius IX and the French generals, and Christian leaders," he said.
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