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Curse Of The objects all around the World


In 1985, Britain made a scene with a series of fires that occurred under mysterious circumstances.  The furor was continued when it was found that in almost all the houses burned down, there is an object that is not touched by the fire, which paintings boys who cry.  More shocking news emerged, it had previously been many other similar cases that do not leave the logical instructions.
Once traced, the object is said that painting is an orphan whose parents died of burns.  Not long after the painting was produced, the painter's studio fire destroyed terlalap.  The boy was later killed in an explosion.  She says the boy ghost who haunts the cries of the picture.
To remove the curse, a local publication was staged combustion paintings are mass produced them.  Many paintings successfully eradicated, but it is estimated there are thousands of other prints circulating throughout the world.


When visiting the East Martello Museum, Florida, we can see an old doll more than a century, Robert the Doll.  Sized dolls like this little boy is very famous, you know!  Not because dolls relic of the 19th century this is funny, but because the horror!  hiii ....
The story begins around 1896, when the family of Otto gave the doll to his youngest son Robert Eugene Otto.  So terpikatnya, the boy gave his own name, Robert, to the doll, and replace the call itself into, Gene.
Since then, strange things happen after the incident at the family home of Otto, from beginning to sound strange laughter, a variety of chaos and destruction, until the neighbors report seeing visions of horrible Robert.  The most severe, Robert seems to enslave Gene until the boy was in shock and fear.  Looking at these irregularities, the family get rid of Robert Otto to the attic.
When Gene was an adult, he rediscovered the doll Robert.  In a short time, the doll was back "control" of self-Gene, until he was almost insane.  Citizens through terror haunted house Robert Otto family from her bedroom window.
Reportedly, the horrible events continued until Robert is now a museum housing.  Wah, kya gini kalo doll, kyanya cudgel funny-funny at all, yaa?


Often we hear stories about Indonesian special weapons that have the power so it can move, stand, even flew on its own.  The story was accompanied by mystical horrible incident.
One famous legend is the story of his supernatural powers hitherto made MPU Gandring kris.  Keris sakti are many casualties, including the author.  MPU Gandring degan exterminated by the buyer of the keris is sadistic, Ken Arok.  Since then, a dagger MPU Gandring not stop asking for casualties of power-hungry, including Ken Arok and his descendants.  Perhaps, he said, the keris is then discharged into the sea and transformed into a dragon.  Wahh mystical banged deh!
It turned out that until recently was still a lot of magic makers aka kris keris.  Making even have to go through such severe stage match birth dates and destination of the buyer, fasting, performing calculations with the Javanese calendar, and many other rituals.  Legend kris Gandring MPU also held firm until now, that greed would lead to destruction.

Do Not Disturb Pharaoh

Do not ever try to tamper with Pharaoh mummy relics and their goods, if we do not want the same fate as Carnarvon.  British dignitary was, reputedly died suddenly after unpacking the grave of Tutankhamun, one of the Pharaohs in 1923.  Surprisingly again, the day of Carnarvon died, all the electricity in Cairo was extinguished and no one knows the cause.
Tutankhamun was the King of Egypt who has a tragic story.  Appointed as the Pharaoh when he was 9 years old, he only had an instant feeling of power.  Not even 19 years, ajla pick.  The cause of death has yet to reach a bright spot, though many believe will be the sadistic murder conspiracy against the young king.

The mystery of Tutankhamun also continues today.  He said, terdpat curse that anyone who disturb the king in sleep length, will experience misfortune.  Although many doubted the curse, the strange things continued to happen.  An American officer who took the mask of Tutankhamun reportedly sudden stroke, and a German youth who dared to steal one of the treasures of Tutankhamun died in pathetic.
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