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What Will Happen If the Earth Stopped Turning?
This series Aftermath others who I've seen.  This time the earth stopped rotating (spinning on its axis).  Earth rotates with a speed of 1600 km / hour.  History shows the Earth's rotation slows down 2 seconds every 100 thousand years.  This experiment was to see the speed slowing effect on life on Earth is at 1 km / hour per day.  Slowing to a stop designed to take a total of 5 years.

The first symptoms felt by the airline industry.

Aircraft navigation using GPS with the help of satellites.  Satellites come upon the earth rotates to adjust the time on land.  Slowing the rotation of Earth causes the satellite positioning wrong plane and the plane will land in places that are not supposed to.  In other words there will be many aircraft accidents.
Flight only used to reply penting2 aja.  Passengers were forced to seek alternative transportation.  As a result, trains, ships, and buses are packed.

Other symptoms are added duration of the day.  Slowing the rotation of Earth causes the extension of the day.  1 day 24 hours no longer but will increase to 28 hours after 5 months.  Hours can not diandelin again.

The world economy was devastated.  Saham2 falling.

The rotation of the earth makes the earth is not perfectly round but a bit wide at the equator because it spins.  A widening is collected in the equatorial ocean.

Klo rotation slowed the sea will flow to both poles causing flooding in Europe and the tide at the equator, including Indonesia.

Not just the sea, the air flow to the equator will cause a rise in air pressure.  Paru2 we in Indonesia can be broken breathe air like that.  By contrast, in the northern hemisphere south & kayak've lived in the mountains, the air is thin.  Anak2 & parents tortured.

Life & fauna flora was disrupted.  Animals that migrate be confused with the days growing longer and eventually die from heat / cold.  Plants are also tormented by the sun longer than the usual & also by a long cold night.

In addition, there is also an extreme geological activity, such as earthquakes & volcano erupted in a location that is usually safe.  The reason is the friction that arises by lapisan2 beda2 perlambatannya earth.

Round the earth's core produces a magnetic field that protects Earth from solar radiation.  Klo already slowed mean magnetic field is weakened and free incoming solar radiation and skin cancer in humans make sunscreen even any ga helpless.

After 4 years, 1 day = 13 days normally.  All human beings have permanent jet lag, can not sleep because it is still bright.  Europe, South America, and southern Africa finally sank completely.  In the new continent from the equator appear reflux of the sea.  Sumatra, Java and Kalimantan, connected by shallow Sunda, while Papua & Australia linked by shallow Sahul.

Orang2 berbondong2 moved to a new land that does flood and still can breath easy.  Ship which foundered into the seabed dry.  Ga international trade already exist anymore.

The weather became very extreme.  Due to prolonged sunlight, the storm could be for weeks.

Finally after 5 years, the earth stopped completely but still evolving (around the sun).  1 day = years, including 6 months of daylight that can nyampe 50 degrees celsius & 6 months until the night temperatures are -50 degrees Celsius (colder than the poles now.)

The number of people who died reached 6 billion people (ampir all).  There may be fewer people who move into areas that flood ga & comfortable air pressure.  Pole Malem going throughout the year.  Many plants are also distinguished & extinct animal.

Thankfully this ga definitely going to come true because we are already extinct.  But this simulation you want to know that the rotation of the earth is not just for a day and night and even tend ga no dipikirin same man.  But it made so many contributions to this planet.
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