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Statistical data up in the year 2010

Up is still a phenomenon in the universe of social networking Web.  By the age of seven in February next year, social networking services made by Mark Zuckerberg has fetched the new history: defeat the giant Google.

No doubt, the popularity shot up in recent years.  Most of the world's population already has a Facebook account.  Even Indonesia is accessed up the second largest country in the world after the United States.

What's going on up throughout 2010?  Let's review the new Internet giant is in numbers, as reported by the Telegraph, 1 January 2011:

Relationship status during the year 2010:
- About 43,869,800 accounts change status to Single
- Approximately 3,025,791 accounts change status to 'It's complicated'
- About 28,460,516 accounts change status to In a relationship
- Approximately 5,974,574 accounts change status to Engaged
- About 36,774,801 accounts change status to Married.

If observed, what is going on in up in the duration of 20 minutes?  The following statistics are recorded:
- About 1 million links to share in up in the next 20 minutes
- Less than 1.323 million new photos are tagged (marked)
- Approximately 1.484 million event or event invitations sent
- Approximately 1.587 million posts on the Wall
- Update the status of approximately 1.851 million
- Approximately 1.972 million request to be friend (friend requests) received
- Approximately 2,716,000 photos uploaded
- Sent approximately 10,208,000 comment
- Approximately 4.632 million messages sent
- Approximately 7.657 million to click 'Like'

Celebrities of the most loved (Most Celebrities liked):
Lady Gaga (24,712,169 persons 'Like this')
Eminem (23,729,700 persons 'Like this')
Megan Fox (19,575,080 persons 'Like this')
Vin Diesel (19,425,325 persons 'Like this')
Rihanna (18,903,844 persons 'Like this')
Barack Obama (17,229,885 persons 'Like this').
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