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This is the result of Crosses Between Zebra with Horses
In the Nature Reserve at Chestatee Dahlonega, Georgia, United States, There A zebra and a donkey (donkey) mate.  The result is a zedonk which is the acronym of the zebra and donkey (ass in English).

Zedonk zebra was born of father and mother of a donkey.  He appeared with colored body characteristics such as donkeys, but the legs and face have a distinctive zebra-striped, black and white.

Founder Reserves, CW Wathen, said marriage is not engineered.  Zebra who took the initiative to marry a donkey.  And zebras and donkeys are not in pairs.

In the next two weeks, this zedonk will be provided with facilities like other animals, said Wathen.

Results of this interbreeding antarhewan already happened several times before.  There is a marriage between a lion (lion) by tiger (tiger), so the result is called Liger.  Then there was a marriage between horse and zebra called zebroid.
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