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Top 10 Disgusting Alarm Clock

10. Climbing clock
jam weker menyebalkan
This clock hanging over your head and began to climb up when it rang. If you do not hurry up, then you should turn it off by taking the stairs.

9. Wake Up Puzzle
jam weker menyebalkan
You must arrange the puzzle to stop its alarm.

8. Wake or Curse
jam weker menyebalkan
You may ask the time, then the clock will answer it. But if you do not immediately wake up, then the clock will memakimu.

7. High Tech
jam weker menyebalkan
This clock is equipped vibrator, alarm and police lights spinning.

6. Find The Pin
jam weker menyebalkan
You have to find a suitable pin him to stop the alarm. You will remain awake after that.

5. Chicken and Egg Problems
jam weker menyebalkan
The alarm clock which the eggs. The sound of his alarm can only be stopped if you've put the eggs back into place.

4. GI Joe
jam weker menyebalkan
You will be awake when he heard the command from the commander's awake. Do all kinds with him.

3. Floating Around
jam weker menyebalkan
This hour will float anywhere until you catch it.

2. Kaboom
jam weker menyebalkan
This clock can even wake the neighbors with a very loud alarm sound like a sound bomb.

1. Hide and Seek
jam weker menyebalkan
Once the clock is ringing, then this clock will hit the floor and automatically search for the hideout. You should be able to look for her to stop the alarm.
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