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Turned out to Gaziantep, the world's Oldest City

Maybe you guys there that know about the city of Gaziantep? Gaziantep is the oldest city didunia.Kota formerly known by the name of Antep is now the provisional capital of the same name, this is the oldest city Giazantep are still standing.

The city has a history as far as the Hittite period (Hittite). This city continuously inhabited since the Paleolithic era, and grew up together with this Ottoman.Hari empire, Giazantep is a friendly city, and cried with many mosques, madrasas, lodging and even baths that come from centuries ago. Old house of stone house has always had a garden and trees that decorate the wine, so that each time you turn, you will get the most beautiful scenery in the world. Gaziantep in Turkey and whether there were Journey-Journey believe ..? Gaziantep stood since 3650 BC.

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