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Vegetarians Have More Than The Other Capabilities

A study published by researchers at the University of California Los Angeles, testing the psychic ability of non-vegetarian and vegetarian with a subject trying to "predict" the results of a random number generator.  The scientists then monitored the brain waves of the subjects' EEG machine.
Raymond Carter, the project's leading researchers to make clear that the subjects who followed a vegetarian diet to produce brain waves are significantly more psychological than their counterparts who eat meat.
"What we found," he said, "is that more than 95 percent of vegetarians able to correctly predict generated random numbers, while less than 5 percent of meat eaters are able to do it."
Researchers are not entirely surprised by the results, because similar studies in Asia and Europe have proven that a vegetarian diet dramatically increases one's psychic brain waves.
"There is broad agreement within the scientific community that the vegetarian is more psychological," says Carter.  "We already know that for almost 50 years now."

But what is surprising, Carver said, is the strength and intensity of the psychic abilities of vegetarians'.
"Not only were they able to predict the random numbers," said Carter, "but they are also able to move things with their minds. It came as a complete surprise to us.".
During the study, researchers put their vegetarian subjects in one corner of the room furnished and put soccer balls at the other corner.  They then asked the subjects to concentrate on the ball and try to move with their minds.  The findings show that 7 out of 10 vegetarian able to roll the ball into them using nothing but their mental strength.
Carter argues that the linking between a vegetarian diet with psychic abilities have a relationship with a chemical element called cryptoselopholid, an amino acid that is prevalent in most fruits and vegetables, but almost nothing in meat and processed foods.
"Cryptocelopholid been shown to enhance psychic brain waves in humans," said Steve Beauregard, nutritionists and alternative medicine shop owner in San Francisco.  "Legend says that Nostradamus, the famous astrologer, can see into the future because he ate a dozen tomatoes everyday."
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