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This technique had orgasms with your partner using Hand Finger picture

Using fingers to stimulate her most sensitive area will lead to tremendous effect.  But still need a technique to make a woman orgasm using your fingers.  Because in some women the effects of the use of different fingers.  Depending on the woman who sometimes prefer finger-tempo game or the number of fingers that "play" in the most sensitive area was.

So here you have to know your partner's first weakness in the spot where.  Before you start "playing" in the most sensitive areas using your fingers.  First you must make it aroused with foreplay.

Here are some techniques to make women orgasm using your fingers:

1.  Mechanical eraser
The clitoris is the most appropriate point to stimulate your partner.  Start from that point using the index finger and your middle finger.  Tap gently with a circular motion slowly.  See her reaction, watch the speed of your finger.  You must know when to speed up the game as your finger and when to slow it down.  Some women like the rhythmic game like that.

2.  Fast finger game
Does your spouse like the tempo is slow, or fast tempo?  If you prefer the latter option, use your middle finger to enter sensitive areas with fast tempo repeatedly.  This technique is useful to make your partner with a great orgasm.

By using this technique, you should be in the proper position.  And the proper position to do that is right in front of the sensitive area (open and lebarkan legs and knees, and you should be right in the middle to look at the clitoris and the sensitive areas).  This position will make it easier to perform this technique.  Straighten your arms, and insert your middle finger into the sensitive area with a quick tempo repeatedly.  And wait a while, your partner will soon experience an orgasm.

3.  Using two hands
If you can set the tempo by using two hands, do it.  The one hand to stimulate her clit with a circular motion (as in technique # 1), and use your index finger and middle finger of your other hand to explore sensitive areas.  Multiple sensation is favored by many women, and increase the opportunity for her to reach orgasm.  There's no need to rush, do it with ease and relaxed.  Allow your partner to enjoy it.

4.  Screw technique (play)
Similar to the technique on no 2, this technique also uses the index finger and middle finger.  Also with the position you are in between the legs and knees with her face looking directly into sensitive areas.  Enter the index finger and your middle finger with your palm facing down.  Rotate your hands until your palms mengahadap upwards, then pull out your hands gently.

Tip: when you rotate your hands and your palms facing upward, pat your partner's clitoris with the thumb a few times.

5.  G-Spot Technique
Sit in front of the sensitive area, insert your finger (index finger or middle finger, or both) with your palms facing upwards.  Make small movements by moving your finger inside her vagina.  The goal is to touch the point of its excitatory or often called G-Spot.  Do it slowly, estimate where the G-Spot.  Touch gently.  See her reaction, set the tempo, if your partner like it, do it continued until she reached orgasm.

6.  Mechanical slider
This technique requires a lot of lubrication.  Do this technique if your partner is really turned on by marked out a lot of lubricant, and the sensitive area becomes wet and slippery.

By using the index finger and your middle finger, start by putting both ends of your fingers on either side of your partner's clitoris.  Then meluncurlah down into her cunt.  Then come back to the original place where you start.  And repeat this motion until your partner reaches climax.
7.  Mechanical shovel
Enter the index finger and middle finger into your partner's vagina with your palm facing down.  With a record of your partner are in position 'doggy style'.  The second movement of your fingertips with declining position while inside her cunt.  Repeat this motion continuously.  Do it smooth and relaxed.  It did not take long, G-Spot your partner will be touched and would soon reach a great orgasm.  This technique is the same as the G-Spot techniques but the position of your partner 'doggy style'.
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