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History Origins vests

HISTORY use of brassiere / bra starting from the 3rd century when the Roman women such bandage bandage to wrap their breasts during exercise.

3ff08 Adriana Lima Miracle Bra Sejarah Asal Muasal BRA atau KUTANG!!!

Forerunner of the bra as we know it today launched the first time in Paris, France, in 1889.  modern bra design was created by an entrepreneur named Herminie Cardolle clothing.  The shape still resembles a corset, bra predecessor.  The difference, women's underwear Cardolle divide it into two parts, stomach and chest.  Brassiere which is the root word of a bra the first time used by Vogue magazine in 1907.

Although embryo-bakalnya already exist, in those days, women prefer to wear a corset.  This habit was lost when the World War I.  Because the military-industrial countries that are engaged in war, require a lot of metal to produce war equipment.  Metals on the bodice should be converted-enable to the needs that are considered far more urgent.

In 1917, Bernard Baruch, Chairman of the U.S. War Industries Board specifically asked the women to abandon their habit of wearing a corset.  Use corset basically harmful to health.  Although the shape of a woman's body according to the standard of beauty in those days, a corset can make it difficult to breathe, and in some extreme cases lead to dislocation of organs.  Not difficult for women to abandon a habit that was torturing them.  The result, as much as 28,000 tons of metal had "converted-enable" for the purposes of war industry.  The amount is enough to make two big warships.

Women must find alternatives to wrap their chests.  At this time that Mary Phelps Jacob, an American socialite, began introducing the first modern bra in 1910.  Jacob intends to attend a big party by wearing a thin nightgown low-cut chest.  The framework of the bone corset sharks who want to disrupt the beauty of wearing a dress that was prepared from distant day.

Together with one of his servants, he made underwear from two silk handkerchiefs together with pink ribbon.  This design became popular in social circles Jacobs and then patented in 1914.

Fashion trends shifted from curvaceous body shape (which is modified by using a corset) to form a thin body with a flat chest.  The style is considered modern when it was the fashion style of women who made practically without using a lot of material and makes women more easily moved.  The shift followed the trend of women becoming active in a variety of jobs.  Women who follow fashion, which is thought to reflect the rebellion, then commonly called a flapper.

Bra with this modern form and began mass-produced in 1920-аn.  But mass production had not noticed the size of each individual woman.

It was only in 1922, women can wear a bra with more conveniently when Ida and William Rosenthal revolutionized the form of a bra.  They created the standard size bra that consists of a linear ring ribs and chest volume size (cup size) by using the alphabet (A, B, C, d, and so on).  A size equal to eight ounces of fluid, while B is equivalent to 13 ounces, and C together with 21, and so on.  Ida and William then founded the Maidenform bra company that might receive extraordinary success and makes millionaires Rosenthal partner.  Maidenform still standing today.

Bra become part of everyday women's clothing until the revolution of thought about women's roles.  in America, this revolution began when the book Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan published in 1963.  Books that questioned the role of women, who seemed to be returned to the domestic sphere by the public system at the time.

This continued until 1970-аn where the protest over the icons that are considered to curb women questioned by feminists.  Germaine Greer, one of the feminist intellectual, states that, "Bra is a creation of ludicrous."

In support of that idea, many women decide to no longer wear a bra.  To some extent this is simply hitting the bra industry.  Ida Rosenthal, the industrialist underwear, just replied casually, "We are a democracy.  It is legitimate if people dressed or naked.  But after age 35, female body shape did not support him for not wearing a bra.  Left sided to me. "Later Ida's words proved to be true.

Although time experience obstacles, the bra industry continues to grow.  Especially when Madonna wore a costume bra is tapered in the chest.  Costume was made special by French designer Jean-Paul Gaultier for Blonde Ambition tour in 1990.

At the beginning of the 19th century, yet so close the chest has been customary in Indonesia.  Habit of wearing a bra was introduced Dutch.  in his novel, Prince Diponegoro, Remy Sylado explain the origin of the term brassiere.

At that time, the postal highway construction projects Anyer-Panarukan, Netherlands hired slave women and men.  Don Lopez, a Dutch officer, seeing women's bare-chested slaves.  He then cut a piece of white cloth and give it to any one of them while saying in French: "close this section of the precious (coutant) it." Again and again he said "coutant ..  coutant "which later came as a halter by the workers.

In many countries bra / bra called in different ways.  in France it is called a soutien anchoring chest-Gorge (cantilever throat), in Spain sujetar (sustain).  bustenhalter Germany, in Sweden bysthallare, and in the Netherlands bustehouder-all means support the chest.  While in Esperanto (Russian) which means the bra is called mamzono chest belt.
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