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10 Nature of the Girl who longed Guy

1. Gently
Take a look at how girls talk hearty friends. Does he always liked hard-pitched, screaming, or even polite and always gentle in a word? These characteristics reflect the way in which the girls will talk to you and your family later.

2. Frugal
Which guy would have a girl bermaterialistis? Later if you are married with a girl, she will spend money for clothes shopping is not necessary. Take a look at the way he spends his money now. Is he among those who frugal, stingy, or rah-rah?

3. Attention
"How come he can remember the birthdays of my parents?" you said. That is a good sign. He's really attention to little things like that. In fact, you're not married. After you come home from work, makananpun already available. When you're sick, she memasakan porridge for you. Little things like that that will help and strengthen your relationship. Is not Guy also likes to be given more attention from the girls?

4. Patient
You're late for a date with the girl but the girl was not angry at all when you came and he had to wait 25 minutes hunger. Why endure the good traits? Just think if you're in a situation that smells of anything negative; patience it will help the situation, it does not become worse. Just imagine you're on a date with girl who can not wait. He's a little bit angry because you're not on time, do a little mistake. Dating should be fun even be a bad experience.

5. Simple
See if the girl you like excessive in front of his friends. Does she like to show off a new bag he had just bought the same day? People love to show off and simply not show if the girl was not confident, there are flaws he has and wants to cover it up by showing off something more from him. These properties are not good for the guy.

6. Keep your beauty
It does not mean it should look pretty girl, but keep the beauty it also means that girls know how to keep and care for herself. Jikalah you're going out with him, notice the "make-up" that she wears. Is it too much so attracted the attention of other people around you? Is she wearing a mini skirt that excessive? Keep the beauty that meant keeping the appearance of sufficiently and appropriately at the right time and place.

7. Mature and wise
Girls love a guy with a wise and mature attitude. In time trouble, Guy will need help from a girl who mature and wise in making decisions.

8. Religious
Religion is one of the grip of life for us humans. Obedient to the religion also shows that the girl would be obedient to you. Not that you could be arbitrarily against him and ordered the girl to obey whatever you want, but a religious show that the girl also had a good life principle and which he field.

9. Motherhood
Girls that love to play with small children, could hold the baby, waiting for them to sleep, and so forth. These are the signs of the girl you can imagine when they become your wife. He would be a good mother in the household.

10. Stoic suffering and willing to work hard
This is one of the characteristics of the girl who's rather difficult to find. Why? Women are familiar with the tradition in which men who are looking for money. In tough times, girls are usually not accustomed to working hard for the family. If you've found a girl who bravely suffered and are willing to work hard, respect him.
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