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10 Smallest Animals in the World's


These bony fish are in the same family with seahorse and sea dragon, but this fish is far more cute. Most of them live in salty waters, and a small part in fresh waters. Just as sea horses, fish, eggs membawa2 male the female for some time.

Funny fact: life love of fish is highly variable. Some species get married for a lifetime, and some females of some species was married with several males at the same time.

European Mole

Small insectivores are covered with bulu2 who hide most of its shape, which makes them very attractive. European mole spends most of his life underground, digging tunnels, and eat insects. They are known to have minimal vision, which is not required under the ground. They may be cute, but they can cause damage to the crop.

Funny fact: You can not kill the mole rats in Germany without permission.


Not that I mean kiwi fruit, but the kiwi bird! These birds originated from New Zealand and is the fattest hairy bird! The wings of birds has been reduced, making them unable to fly, but they have a very keen sense of smell. They eat insects, worms, leaves, and buah2an. There are five species known, and the fifth is a species that is endangered ...

Funny Fact: Kiwi eggs can reach 20% of the female body weight. It's just like a woman weighing 150 pounds body that gave birth to a baby dg weight of 30 pounds.

Angora Rabbit

The first time, maybe you think this animal is a giant ball, but in it there is a rabbit benar2. This large rabbit bred specifically for their fur. There are 4 descent who has been known.

Puffer Fish

Families these fish can swallow water (even air) quickly, very quickly, so that they can be bebentuk ball and menakut2i predators. This method is often save their lives, and some poisonous puffer fish.

Funny Fact: puffer fish has the world's smallest vertebrate genomes.

African Pygmy Hedgehog

Mammals are the most beautiful mammals in the family Erinaceidae. They can roll up his body to protect itself. Hedgehogs have been domesticated, so you may have to be maintained without much trouble.

Funny Facts: Check local laws first in your country before buying hedgehogs. Some places require a permit, while some benar2 forbid them to be maintained.

Dwarf Hamsters

This little rodent is more personable than their larger cousins. There are 3 species, but my favorite is Campbell's dwarf hamster. These animals come from China and Russia. They are sold as pets in almost any pet store. Chinese hamster is also personable and sometimes called dwarf hamsters, although they are not on the same genus.


Sea cow is very fat, but very cute. Imutnya So, you definitely will want to hug him once. Unlike whales and lumba2, manatees are herbivores. They also have a kinship with the elephants and they are classified as endangered species because it continues to be hunted.

Funny fact: Manatee have toenails that are not useful on their fins.

Woolly Bear Caterpillar

Most of the caterpillar is disgusting, except that this worm. This cute caterpillar is the larva of the Isabella tiger moth. They eat a variety of plants.

Silky Anteater

This animal is a member of the family satu2nya Cyclopedidae. Latin name for this animal is didactylus Cyclopes. They live in trees and has a tail that can hold, and sharp claws. Beware scratched!
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