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10 Things You Must Know About Motor Car Drivers

Many people choose a motorcycle as their means of transportation to perform daily activities.  In addition to fuel consumption is relatively more efficient, also because of the tiny four-wheeled vehicles compared to the most tiny ones.

Due to his tiny it so much four-wheel vehicle drivers or more often not aware of the existence of two-wheeled vehicles on the road.

Here are some tips which freely translated from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation article that may be useful for car drivers to always be alert to the existence of two-wheeled vehicles.
  1. There are more cars and trucks than motorcycles on the road (condition in America-red), and many car drivers are not aware of motorcycles, they ignore it (usually not because it is not accidental).  Note the motor, especially when passing through the intersection.
  2. Because of its small size, the motor may look further than the truth.  It may be difficult also to estimate the actual speed.  As he passed the intersection or when it will exit / enter the path, always put in that the motor was much closer than it looks.
  3. Because of its small size, the motor can be easily hidden in a blind spot the car (doors, roof pillars) or disguised with the object or background (bridges, fences, etc.).  Add more time to check carefully, when it will shift lanes or turn.
  4. Because of its small size, the motor looks to move more quickly than real.  Do not assume that all motorcyclists are speed monsters devotee.
  5. Motorists often slow down the vehicle with the lower teeth or loosen the gas, so the brake lights are not lit.  Give more distance, about 3 or 4 cars when at a crossroads, predicts motorists slow down the vehicle without providing a visible warning.
  6. Sein lights did not die alone after the turn, some riders (especially new riders) forgot to turn it off after a turn or change lanes.  Make sure the lights sein motorists as they were intended to turn or change lanes.
  7. Motorists sometimes adjust the position of the track to be easily visible and to minimize the effects of road dust, vehicle passing and wind direction.  Understand that motorcyclists adjust lane position for a purpose, not careless or showing off or allow you to share the lane.
  8. Can maneuver the motor characteristics, especially at low speeds and road conditions are good, but do not expect motorists can always maneuver well on the road.
  9. Motor braking distance is almost the same with cars, but slippery roads make the bike more difficult to stop.  Give further distance behind the bike because they are not always able to stop quickly.
  10. When the motor moves, do not think that it is a motor; think of him as a human.

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