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15 Ghost Pictures Most Popular Throughout History

Actually the photos ghost sightings have many outstanding, especially in cyberspace. But not all the photos in circulation is genuine, there is an engineered, trick shooting. Now, if 15 this picture, he said, is the appearance of the original. The original statement is, of course after an examination of the image.

1. Ghost Child at Cemetery

A mother, Mrs. Andrews, visited the tomb of his daughter, Joyce, who died aged 17. According to Mrs. Andrews, he did not see strange things when taking a picture his son's tomb. But the result is staggering, because the photograph is a little boy who seemed happy to play at the tomb of her son. Looks like the little boy ghost know the existence of Mrs. Andrews, the evidence, when ny Andrews photographed the ghost boy exposes his face to the camera.

Did it happen because of a double exposure? Mrs. Andrews said there was no child when he took the photo the tomb, he also did not know who the boy. He said his daughter did not believe that ghosts as a child.

2. Little girl ghost who Burned

Almost all the ghost photos I've seen (though not all can I show you now), but this one photo in my opinion the most horrific, is also troubling. I do not know the existence of this picture, until about a few months ago. The story is like this, almost 10 years ago, 19 November 1995, the great fire at Wem Town Hall in Shropshire, England.

As firefighters worked to extinguish the fire, one resident, Tony O'Rahilly, photographing the fire. He is photographed from across the street to use telephoto on cameranya. The result, on one photo, near the door, looking a little girl background flames that burned the building.

No one could remember if there was a little girl. To be sure, photographs and film negatives delivered on a photo expert to conduct analysis and research. It was concluded that negative image is also 100 percent genuine, no manipulation.
The question, is what the little girl ghost in flames? Apparently, the year 1677 in the Wem area, the great fire that never happened meludeskan many houses made of wood. That said, the fire was caused if a girl Jane Churm, 14, a careless use of candles.
Churm including those killed in the fire, and it turns out the ghost still haunts the vicinity.

But whether the figure of the little girl in the photograph is a ghost or not, difficult to ascertain. Or simply collections of fire smoke is shaped like a girl who happened at that location in the past also been on fire and casualties. It was weird, but things far more bizarre than this much going du world, right?

3. Freddy Jackson's ghost at the first Royal Air Force squadron

This photo was menggerkan British Royal Air Force in World War I. Freddy Jackson, a squadron mechanic I, Royal Air Force, which in their mandate to serve the HMS Daedalus, died hit by a propeller plane in 1919. Two days later, when the members of the squadron took a picture together, the results, Freddy's face plastered on the photo. He looked smiling beside his friend's ear. All his friends knew it was Freedy.

4. "The Brown Lady" of Raynham Hall

This photo diiambil in 1936 at Raynham Hall, Norfolk, England. Portrait of "Woman Brown" is very popular and is considered the best ghost fotao ever taken. Growing rumors that the ghost of Lady Dorothy Townshend, wife of Charles Townshend, 2nd Viscount of Raynham, who lived in Raynham Hall, in the early 1700s.

Rumorsnya, Dorothy, before marrying Charles, was the lover of Lord Wharton. Charles suspected Dorothy infidelity. Though according to Dorothy note buried in 1726, but there are suspicions that the funeral was a fake, because in fact Charles had locked his wife in a hidden place in the house, until finally the woman died a few years later. Later, Dorothy's ghost haunts often at his home.

5. Ghost Chair

Archie Bunker was known to be love seat. He used to spend much time sitting in his favorite chair. He did not allow anyone to sit there. He died in 1891. At that time, a photographer take photos of space where the chair Bunker library is located. While seiisi house was in the feeds of Lord Combermere a distance of 4 miles from there. When the photographer took the picture that chair, she was surprised to see there is a man sitting there. Head and arm lakii men were clearly visible. Keisi house, believe that it is the soul of his master who was sitting in his favorite chair.

6. Darn Backseat Drivers!

In 1959 Mable Chinnery went to the cemetery to visit her mother's grave. He took some pictures tomb of his mother, then shooting her husband, who was alone behind the steering wheel .. How shocked she was when she saw the portrait, it appeared that there was someone wearing glasses sitting in the rear passenger seat. He believes, that afternoon there was no other person, a figure that was in the back seat was her mother.

7. Ghost on Staircase National Museum, Greenwich, England

Photos taken in 1966 has now become very famous. Rev. Ralph Hardy, a retired clergyman from White Rock, British Columbia, interested in creating a photo staircase in the living Queen House National Museum in Greenwich, England. As a result, it turns out in the photograph is a figure of man whose body was fogged up the stairs, holding the railing with both hands.
Photo experts, including those from Kodak, performed an analysis of photogravure and say, photogravure is authentic. Ralph said he could not explain these figures because there is not anyone taking pictures, and also no one who climbed the ladder.

8. What Do You Want On Your Tombstone?

Occurred in 1996 when Ike Clanton took the portrait of a friend who wore a cowboy outfit, with a background cemetery Boothill Graveyard. They believe, there were no other people around there, there's only them alone. However, negative when washed, tanpam a mysterious man appears behind.
Ike Clanton said, if anyone, he's impossible not to see when taking a portrait of his friend. But he was not sure if the ghost comes from the tombstones. But would-he would not have to believe it because it already shows foato. Actually the story of the ghosts haunts not new Clanton location shooting. So many scary stories about ghosts in the city.

9. Ghost in Bachelors Grove Cemetery, Chicago

This photo was taken at Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, near Chicago, by the Ghost Research Society (GRS). On August 10, 1991, several members of the GRS edge of the Rubio Woods Forest Cemetery Preserve, a suburb of Midlothian, Illinois. The cemetery had been considered the most haunted in the U.S., therefore GRS team came to investigate about it.
So far there are about 100 reports about ghost sightings around there, including the case sounds strange, glowing ball, etc.. The team then did some shooting. The results were strange, the images look a girl who looks lonely. He was wearing white clothes sitting on the tombstone. Her body was like a see-through clothes models and older models as well.

10. Ghost in the Church

Reverend K.F. Lord take pictures of the altar at his church in North Yorkshire, England. But apparently the result, there is a big tall figure standing there. Photos and cliches have been examined by experts with seksasma photos, but they did not find any evidence that the photograph had been manipulated, or because of certain effects. The figure was very high, about 9 feet, his form as a rabbi in the past. But no one knows that there is a rabbi like that at Newby Church. Is this because of the effects of light or something else?

11. London's St.. Botolph's Chruch Ghost

In 1982, photographer Chris Brackley taking part in the Church of St. Botolph London. The result, in the attic of the Church, looking vaguely like a woman faint. According to Brackley, his knowledge, when an image is created only three people in the church, tapitak none of them are in the attic.

12. Church Minister Ghost

This photo was taken at the Church Minister. When shooting there is not anyone there, but when the negative film is washed, it appears there was a man standing in the middle. Allegedly, the ghost is probably the 'watchman' church.

13. Ghosts at the Crossroads Railroad Crossing Ghost in San Antonio, Texas

Indeed railway crossing San Antonio, Texas, this is already known to be haunted. That said, once was horrible incident in the vicinity, where several school children were killed. That said, the ghost haunts them around and often show themselves to people who pass there.
Apparently some are not willing to believe it was a story without proof. Andy and Kate, the daughter of Chesney and some of his friends, curious and want to 'test' ceritahantu it. They also make some photos. It turns out amazing, strange transparent shadow is found in one photo.

14. Grandfather Ghost Standing Behind Grandmother

"Women in the color photo is my grandmother," said the woman owner of this ghost photo. According to him, when photographed 94 years old grandmother. He lived alone, because the grandfather had died August 14, 1984. One time they picnic, also brings with it the grandmother who allegedly started senile. Well, the woman owner of this picture, then take a portrait of her grandmother for a memento. This photo was taken on Sunday, August 17, 1997. When photographed only own grandmother. When the photo was washed, he remembered, there is nothing strange. In the photo looks just own grandmother.

New oddity happened at Christmas in 2000, when it's dead grandmother. When they were looking at family photos, show surprise, upon seeing the photo's grandmother, it turns out there behind a guy who looks like kakek.Padahal grandfather when the photo was taken was dead. Surprisingly, the appearance of the new photos emerged grandfather when my grandmother had died. It's hard to understand!

15. Ghost Ship SS Tanker Watertown

In 1924 James Courtney and Michael Meehan, the two crew of the tanker SS Watertown, died of poisonous gas while cleaning the cargo tanks. Because in the middle of the sea, the crew finally Watertown bodies were dumped off the coast of Mexico on 4 December. Surprisingly, on December 5, reported both in port. After that, came back reporting that the two figures that often manifest themselves on the ship crew, including their ghost appeared in front of the captain, Keith Tracy. The incident is then reported on the regulatory side when the ship entered the dock in New Orleans.

Then came the idea to photograph the two ghosts. When the ship set sail again, the captain was photographed parts of the ship where the two ghosts that often manifest themselves. There are six photos taken. After that, the camera is placed in the vault. When the ship entered the dock again in New York City, then the pictures were washed. Six photos were remarkable, but the sixth photo is very 'powerful' because the record is clear that the faces of two ghosts, who like two crew were killed.

Authenticity of these photographs have been checked, including the authenticity of the photographs the appearance of two face Hatu it. Two new stops this ghost ship appeared in Watertown, after the entire crew was also captain of the ship with a new anti-dig.
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