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Sense Turns out There are 9

1. Vision
Vision is the ability of the brain and eye to detect electromagnetic waves in the visible range (light) and the process is called "vision"

2. Hearing
Hearing is the ability to feel the sound. And spread the sound vibrations through a medium like the wind. And this process is called "auditory"

3. Smelling
Smell is the ability to smell something through our noses. And this process is called "Smell"

4. Taste
Taste is the ability to know the feeling that occurs in our tongue, and there are 4 flavors in our tongue is sweet, salt, sour, and bitter. And this process is called taste

5. Touch
The touch is the ability to know that usually there at the touch of our skin, but not only in the skin. And this process is called "Touch"

6. Equilibrioception, or a sense of balance
Balanced is a sense that enables an organism to sense body movements, direction, and speed, and to achieve and maintain balance and postural balance.

7. Nociception, or pain
The pain is the ability to feel pain all over our bodies. The pain is shared by 3, ie cutaneous (skin), somatic (joints and bones), visceral (internal organs)

8. Proprioception, or the Body Awareness
Awareness of the body does not come from a particular organ, but from the nervous system as a whole. Input comes from a different touch sensory receptors of the receptor - nerve of the body rather than on the surface. Awareness of the body's ability to be trained, as can any motor activity. For example, without consciousness of the body, the driver will not be able to keep their eyes on the road while driving, because they need to consider the position of their hands and feet while working the pedals and steering wheel.

9. Thermoception, or Temperature
Thermoception is feeling the heat and lack of heat (cold) with skin and other parts.
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