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14 World Celebrities who have tattoos Unique And Its meaning behind tattoos

Tattoos are common for female celebrities of the world. Tattoos that decorate their smooth skin is not just a picture without a meaning. There is a special story behind this tattoo of celebrities.

This is the 14 celebrity women who have tattoos, and the meaning behind their tattoos!

1. Victoria Beckham

The couple David and Victoria Beckham share a love in so many ways, including tattoos. Tattoo artist who drew on the skin that is also the same couple, Louis Molloy. He was flown directly Manchester to 'paint' these lovebirds with new ink, as they moved around the state.

Victoria has two tattoos dedicated to her husband who has been married for nine years, including David Beckam initials on the inside of his left wrist.

2. Angelina Jolie

Back when Jolie was established in love with Billy Bob Thornton, he adorned his left arm with a tattoo that read "Billy Bob Thornton 'and pictures of snakes. Now, he replaced it with a unique tattoo shaped like a map, the birthplace of his children. Namely, Cambodia (Maddox), Ethiopia (Zahara), Namibia (Shiloh) and Vietnam (Pax) and two adopted children who most recently from France (Knox and Vivienne).

3. Eva Longoria Parker

Eva Longoria married life was nearly ideal. He looks happy undergo households with Tony Parker, San Antonio Spurs player, who had nine number one jersey.
Eva was a tattoo of "nine" on the back of the neck. In addition to these tattoos, the player series "The Desperate Housewives", also has a tattoo on his back and the inside of the wrist both hands.

4. Penelope Cruz

Many are speculating with the tattoo "883" located at the foot of Penelope Cruz. Outstanding issues that he tattooed his leg while being in a relationship with Tom Cruise. Reportedly, the tattoo is derived from the symbol of Scientology, Cruise's religion and Harley Davidson motorcycles Cruise's favorite.

"It (the tattoo-ed) is not a symbol of Harley Davidson. It's also not something talked about a lot of people," Cruz said as quoted from Shine.

5. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba has a lot of tattoos that adorn his body. Among others, tattoos flower and ladybug on the back of his neck, and a butterfly on her lower back. However, most attention is the Sanskrit symbol tattooed on his right wrist section. "For me this tattoo is manifestai spiritual beauty," says Alba who study the two religions, Christianity and Buddhism.

6. Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron and her mother have the same tattoo, the tattoo koi fish in the single leg. Koi fish in Japanese culture, represents a strong determination and power, because koi
strong enough even when faced with obstacles like waterfalls. Theron also has a lotus flower-shaped tattoo on his right foot.

7. Rihanna

This talented young singer has eight tattoos adorn his body. That is, a tattoo of a skull on the back foot to the left ankle, music notation on the right foot, a star on the left ear, a symbol of Pisces behind the right ear, "love" in the middle finger, a row of stars on her back, and writing Arabic, which means Freedom in God, on the left. "Tattoos of stars in the back, I make it in LA, but settled in New York," said Rihanna.

8 Nicole Richie

Tattoos shape that circles the ankle rosary Nicole Richie had become a trend. Many of the women who followed the style of these tattoos. Nicole also has a tattoo with another form, namely pearls, crosses, ballet slippers, the word "virgin", a red shooting star, angel wings, and the name "Richie." He also claimed to have some small dots on his finger, when he accidentally dropped the tattoo equipment.

9. Sienna Miller

Star tattoo turned out to describe the brilliance of a celebrity career. Apart from Rihanna, Sienna Miller, too. Many other artists who also has a tattoo of stars like Lindsay Lohan, Kate Hudson, and Victoria Beckham.

10. Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson has a tattoo with light colors that takes attention. The tattoo is located on the inside of his left hand. Shape sunset over the ocean decorated star in the sky and clouds of blue as background.

11. Gisele Bundchen

Models from Victoria's Secret, of course, should not have a lot of tattoos. Gisele Bundchen does have a small star shaped tattoo on the inside of his left wrist. Tattoos are actually making it look more sexy.

12. Drew Barrymore

Drew is known tattooing body for the first time before age 14 years. In 2003, he added a tattoo of the cross is entwined with a young red wine in her right ankle. Cross tattoo is the most visible of Barrymore. He also has a butterfly tattoo just below his navel and a tattoo flowers in her left hip.

13. Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci has quite a lot of tattoos, the numbers are up to eight units. The most visible tattoo is a tattoo of a lion on the right shoulder. He also has a fairy tattoo on the inside of his right wrist, tattoo of praying hands on his left hip, and the words "Move or Bleed" on the left side of rib cage and a bird tattoo on her right breast.

14. Christina Applegate

The inside of the right ankle, Christina Applegate have tattoos "Agape". The meaning of the word is that unconditional love, which comes from the Greek, and coincidentally the name of his church. He also has a tattoo on his left ankle, outside of her right ankle and in the lower abdomen.
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