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The legend of El Dorado Treasure

El Dorado became a treasure hunter's dream. The vision of a city full of gold. But for hundreds of years, no one had a successful expedition to open the veil of mystery. Is El Dorado is only a fairy tale? Or did he really exist?

The legend of El Dorado provoke curiosity. A number of historical research or private study carried out to unravel the mystery that enveloped. The shadow of the gold and precious jewels are buried somewhere in the interior of South America is still much talked about.

The legend of El Dorado Treasure

The only ground to reveal the big secret is a legend that spread after five hundred years ago. About the Chibcha tribe, sub tribe of South American Indians who really worships the Sun God. Their ancient mythology who launched the Spaniards say that the cult is associated with a number of offerings valuables such as gold and gemstones.

Chibcha people think gold is a gift from the god of the sun and should be offered back to the god. Then the story is pushed through word of mouth mentions that the cult was making merged Chibcha tribes of gold as a shield for the building. So that they worship temples called gold-coated plate. But there was no evidence left of this estimate.

The legend of El Dorado Treasure

This story is similar to the legend in Omagua language known as Tupi Indian-Guyanese in the territory between Brazil and Guyana. They believe in the legend of El Dorado associated with gold. But the explorers often interpret El Dorado refers to a city of gold. And in ancient maps they have a name El Dorado is the exact location is unclear.
A Mythology
In ancient beliefs Chibcha no mention about the Goddess guardian sacred lake. In addition to the worship of the sun god, goddess worship of holy water is also very popular among Indians in the past.

The story of this stems from the mythological goddess of a wife Chibcha chieftain in the early days. Because the accused committed a violation of "law" of women who felt it right then committed suicide by jumping into a lake.

Purity of heart and he proved to be a dewi.Maka bertransfromasi the Goddess is also a sacred lake watchman - who in old parchments known as Lake Guatavita.

Worship of the goddess was later to become ceremoni Guatavita once a year. At the peak of the ceremony, the whole body Chibcha chief will whitewash the sap and then coated with gold powder. From head to toe. Through certain rituals, the head of the tribe and then paraded to the lake. From there he will be raised to the raft down to the middle of the lake. Arriving in the middle of the lake chiefs will plunge into the water and washed his body clean. When the rite is performed, rows of ceremonies that go with it will throw a number of offerings of gold and jewels into a lake.

This is what is called the ceremony the gold in the language Muisca (Chibcha) referred to as El Dorado. Really this legend?

A 1962 report mentions many of the spectacular discovery of two farmers. In a village near Bogota (Colombia's capital now) they find a burrow cave is very small. Curious, the farmer is then entered into it and they found the gold! Gold their findings in the form of miniature artefacts shaped raft with eight rowers and a chief who is made of gold.

The eight rowers are seated back to the chiefs. This is one of strong evidence about the legend of El Dorado have been found.

But the dream of abundant gold in El Dorado, was never found until now. Although Lake Guatavita listed on the map, the description is not in accordance with an ancient parchment of the sacred lake real Guatavita. It is said that there is a holy lake in the Andes mountains, inside a cave which is now closed in the near Bogota. All search efforts are not bearing fruit. Sometimes the mystery is not to be revealed!

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