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16 Breakfast Benefit For Our Health

Breakfast...  a routine that you should try make it a habit to do every day, once there is a phrase which states that skip breakfast just means you save a lot of diseases such as obesity, heart and other diabetes.Ungkapan even explain that if you skip breakfast then the energy and enthusiasm will be easy  be decreased, saggy as drop... because breakfast is the energy capital for you to berktivitas throughout the day.

Below are some benefits of breakfast:

  • A healthy breakfast can help us lose weight, the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and stroke
  • A study showed that people who eat breakfast tend to have a more slender body than those who do not eat breakfast
  • Increasing strength and endurance stamina while on the move
  • Can lower cholesterol levels
  • Can control your weight
  • Increasing concentration and ability to solve problems and better coordination between the five senses
  • Reduce fatigue and sleepiness when initiating activities
  • Helping to provide nutrients during the day because of the activities conducted
  • Can maintain endurance, so that we can work or study or work well
  • For students to help focus the mind in learning and facilitate the absorption of the subject matter that has been given
  • Improving the performance of work, because the mind becomes calm and more focused
  • Giving the power of metabolism throughout the night
  • Give your brain the fuel to increase the concentration
  • Will keep you from excessive hunger
  • Breakfast is simple precautions to avoid abdominal pain, ulcers or dizziness
  • Good for brain development and body ( especially children )
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