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Afternoon Sleep Benefits To Health

Although only an instant ( 20-30 minutes ) nap proved very useful.  This can be evidenced from various research results, such as at the University of California Berkeley, and Professor James Maas of Cornell University.

People of the world was often doing this habit ( nap shortly ) to improve the effectiveness of his office, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once claimed that he only slept four hours each night, but always take a nap in the afternoon.  Meanwhile, Bill Clinton has always made ​​time to sleep for half an hour after the 1-2 hour lunch.  Even Japan as a country known for hard-working people was interrupted between the time to always make themselves available for a nap ( inemuri )

It should be noted also conducted a nap should not be more than 30 minutes and should not be done directly after lunch was at least the advice given by dr.Kristie Leong Md medical doctor from Virginia that was launched by healthmad.

And are the benefits to be had if you do take a nap:

  • Body becomes more fit / Fit
  • Avoid the risk of heart disease
  • Can make your brain stay sharp memory
  • Napping is able to maintain ideal body weight
  • Lower the blood pressure monitor
  • Fresh Thoughts is more subdued and relaxed because the hormone cortisol
  • Prolong Life
  • Proper nap will make the digestive system gets enough blood supply than when on the move
  • Can restore alertness, enhance performance, and reduce errors and accidents
  • Napping can be an easy way to relaxation and rejuvenation
  • Improving cognitive performance
  • Makes you more spirit, passion and heart at ease
  • Minimize the occurrence of blood clots
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