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Benefits of Drinking Water After Wake Up

Most ( 70% ) of our body consists of water....
In his brain is 95% water, 82% of its water Blood, Heart 75 %, lung - 86 % of lung and kidney 83 %.  Imagine how important the presence of water in our bodies, especially the White Water.

Water is one of the fluid quality and can cleanse the digestive system.  Water works to eliminate toxins and food waste that may remain and accumulate in the intestine through the skin, kidneys and sweat.  Water can dissolve the chemical elements in the blood and helps repair body tissue and growth.  Drink at least two glasses of water every morning, after waking, on an empty stomach.  Why after you wake up..?

Since When waking up, dirt metabolism results were not all immediately get out.  Therefore, we need a white water that can stimulate the sewer work immediately.  This is where the water play a very good for our bodies.  With white water consumed shortly after opening the eyes, we are helped to get rid of toxins stick in the channel body, and then discharged through the drain.

During sleep, our body is working optimally.  Metabolism of cells kept walking and water in the body help cells work.  So, after 6-8 hours of sleep, the body can experience water deficits, because in the process of cell metabolism will be no water is wasted.  Besides, the body will remove toxins, cleanse the blood, absorbing nutrients from food consumed as long as we wake up, and others.

     Therefore, the benefits of drinking lots of water after waking White namely As healing of various diseases
     - Migrants
     - Are unwell, menstruation is not smooth, eye disorders
     - Lever, arthritis
     - Heart
     - Epilepsy
     - Obesity
     - Asthma
     - tuberculosis
     - Diabetes, Constipation
     - Cancer
     - Kidney
     - Gastroenteritis
     - High blood pressure
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