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Benefits of Eating Fish

Eating fish at least twice a week, very healthy, despite having a fat content (little once) but it is unsaturated fat which was good for the body.  As you are aware that marine fish that is the source of Protein Amino Acid complete high as the body needs.  For women also can prevent the decline in quality of vision with age.  Besides, marine fish are cheaper than meat for cook it too very easy and varied.

Another thing that is more useful, it turns out sea fish has many nutritional content such as omega 3, omega 6, taurine, vitamin B complex, selenium seta.  Where from each nutrient has amazing benefits for the continued growth of our bodies including:

Omega 3
  • Required during the process of fetal brain development
  • It is important for nerve function and development of infant vision
  • For adults, deficiency can cause dementia and brain function decline drastically
  • Boost immunity and inhibit some types of coronary heart disease risk lowering cancer up to 50%
  • Pressing the bad cholesterol that reduces the risk penymbatan blood vessels, which often menyebabkab coronary heart disease and stroke

Omega 6
  •      Helps prevent heart disease and stroke
  •      Regulate blood pressure
  •      Preventing heart disease and stroke
  •      Helps burn fat to maintain body weight dna
  •      Soften, moisturize, and strengthen skin tissue.
  •      Accelerating wound healing
  •      Healthy hair and strengthen nails
  •      Helping the child's growth and prevent the hyperactivity
  •      Maintain and improve the digestive system of children
  •      Optimizing your child's growth
  •      Reduce allergic reaction to certain foods

  • Formation and excretion of bile salts, which is broken down into cholesterol.
  • Taurine also plays a role in retinal function and cognitive function.

Vitamin B Complex
  • Produce energy, helps nourish the heart and carbohydrate metabolism
  • It protects the body from cancer disease, prevent migrants, and cataracts
  • Releasing the energy from the nutrient substances, helps lower cholesterol levels, reduce depression and dismturbances in the joints
  • Helps the nervous system and metabolism and reducing allergies, fatigue, and migraine
  • Helps the formation of hormones
  • Assisting the production of red blood cells and relieve symptoms of hypertension, asthma, and post-menstrual syndrome
  • Useful in the process of releasing energy from carbohydrates and the formation of nails and hair
  • Janin foster, treatment of anemia, and the formation of hemoglobin
  • jaHelps maintain nervous system and red blood cell formation.

  • Helping make the antioxidant
  • Prevent DNA damage caused by chemicals and radiation.
  • If selenium deficiency can cause symptoms of slow growth, muscular dystrophy, necrosis and even the heart, kidneys, and liver.
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