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4 Tantric kissing technique

Kissing is when the most intimate of each partner not only physically but also emotionally. Can be said to be very difficult to achieve satisfaction sex without kissing. The existence of problems in the relationship can also be indicated through the presence or absence of your desire to smooch with a partner.

Vice versa, the relationship you and your partner can become warmer because of kissing. Make sebgai kissing you and your partner needs each day. To be increasingly warm relationship fourth try Tantric kissing technique.

- Eye Brow kissing
Confronted face to face your partner in a sleeping position, could be "woman on top" or "man on top". Then, paste your lips on the brow partner. Kissed his brow during beberpa seconds, then gently kissed her lips, feel the energy flowing from your body and your partner.

- Yin Yang kissing
Berciumanlah alternately with the partner gently. For example, you stand by and let your kissing partner for 1 minute, and do the opposite. This can make the balance of your energy and your partner. Energy balance, Yin and Yang you and your partner are very important to warm relations.

- Synchronized kissing
Position your body and your partner in your favorite position during sex. Then, let you and your partner's lips half open, and set the breath together. Make a pair when synchronization with drag and exhale.

- Orgasmic kissing
When you reach the climax, attach your lips on lips. Set your breath and feel the energy emitted from the body of a partner.
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