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7 Airport Most Dangerous in the World

In a fast-paced daily life today, the airport could be the most busy place in the world. Every minute the plane take off and land at different airports around the world. There are many airports where the pilot to feel comfortable when got there. However, not all airports be a fun destination for the pilot, following some airports is a nightmare for them.

1. Kansai International Airport
Location: Osaka, Japan
Year established: 1994

Kansai international airport built on an artificial island with a length of 2.5 miles and 1.6 miles wide. This area is large enough so that it can be seen from space. Tourists from the airport to go to the main city by car, train or ferry with a high speed.

Schreckengast Stewart who is a professor of aviation technology at Purdue University and a former consultant Mitre flights, said that this airport will probably be under water within 50 years or more because of climate change and rising sea levels due to global warming.

2. Madeira Airport
Location: Santa Cruz, Portugal
Year established: 1964

Madeira Airport is an international airport. The airport was once famous for its short runway, surrounded by high mountains and ocean that makes landing difficult even for experienced pilots. The original runway is only 1,400 meters, but then extended 400 meters.

The length of runway was extended twice in 2003 to above the ocean. Because it was built using the garbage, the extension was built at a height of 180 pole about 70m.

3. Juancho E. Airport Yrausquin
Location: Saba, Netherlands
Year established: 1963

Juancho E. Airport Yrausquin is the only airport on the Caribbean island, Saba, the Netherlands Antilles. The airport covers all locations in this small island. Despite the fact that there is no great tragedy that happened here. Some experts still think that this is one of the most dangerous airport in the world.

What makes this airport dangerous is that both ends of the runway was finally arrested by the cliffs directly into the sea while one side is covered with high hills. This makes the possibility of the aircraft to overshoot the runway on landing or takeoff and end up at sea or on cliffs.

4 Ice Flying Platform
Location: Ross Island, Antarctica
Beridir Year: -

Ice runway is one of the three main runway which is used to transport goods to the researchers in Antarctica. There are no paved runways here. All aircraft must be landed along the ice and snow. The landing must be done with extra caution. One of the challenges that pilots must face is to steer the plane into the ground so the aircraft does not get stuck into the snow. Okay, sounds crazy!

5. Princess Juliana International Airport
Location: Saint Maarten, Eastern Caribbean
Year established: 1942

Princess Juliana Airport is the second busiest airport in the Eastern Caribbean. The airport is named after Juliana of the Netherlands, a princess crown that landed here in 1944. The airport has a runway which is very short, about 2180 meters which makes it very popular. Because of its short runway, the aircraft must approach the island by flying very low. Various photos jet flying over 10-20 meters or 30-60 feet above the island is estimated to false but it turns out the original.

6. Courchevel Airport

Chourchevel is the name of the largest ski area in France. This area has its own airport with a very short runway so the pilot should land on a strip retarders and take off at strip repellent to get enough speed. Only private or chartered planes and helicopters are allowed to land.

You can see the airport in the opening scenes of the movie Tomorrow Never Dies.

7. Barra International Airport
Location: Barra, Scotland
Year established: 1975

Barra Airport is the only airport in the world where the plane had landed on the beach. The airport is situated on the beach on the island of Barra, Scotland is very broad. The airport is literally washed away by the waves once a day.
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