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7 Love Story that Inspires the World

These stories presented by generations and is known for touching the hearts of people, even not rarely there is a re-telling through film. Hopefully these stories will inspire us to keep loving.

1. Annie Oakley and Frank Butler

If you know the Irish 1940s movie musical titled "Annie Get Your Gun", is inspired by the true story of Annie Oakley and Frank Butler. Annie Oakley was a shooter. In 1881, Baughman and Butler held a show shot in Cincinnati. Frank E Butler challenged the local shooters to compete shoot. But Frank was surprised when the challenge is accepted by a man named Annie Oakley. In their battle, defeated Butler and Annie won the race to shoot them. In addition, Butler also fell in love with Annie and eventually they married apda June 20, 1882. Frank then retired from the shoot and more focus on building the home with Annie. Annie died in 1926 and Frank died 18 days later.

2. Salim and Anarkali

Prince Salim is the son of an emperor Akbar (The Great Mughal emperor of) and his wife Mariam-uz-Zamani. Prince Salim was known to be unorganized and rude who fall in love in a palace maid named Anarkali. They both fell in love, but it is not sanctioned by his father who thinks as a female teaser Anarkali. His father then look for any way to separate children from Anarkali. The father then send the prince Salim for a task, and when it also Anarkali buried alive in a stone wall. This story makes each couple to tears when listening.

3. Antony and Cleopatra

This story of love between nations, between the handsome Mark Anthony of Rome and the last Pharaoh of Egypt, Cleopatra. This story took place around the year 31 BC. This story is then told again by the famous writer Shakespeare is making this story known around the world. Mark Anthony is told to leave his wife, Octavia, as tempted by the beauty of Cleopatra who eventually marry. The brother of Octavia, which Octavian, then destroy them both by borrowing the Roman army. Told at war with the Romans, Mark Anthony received the news (which turned out false news) that killed Cleopatra. Mark Anthony then committed suicide because they believe would be news. Cleopatra hears that her lover was dead, eventually committed suicide by poison. This story is almost similar to the story of Romeo and Juliet from Verona, Italy.

4. Juan and Evita Peron

Juan and Evita Peron of Argentina was the pair around the 1940s. Evita is itself a second wife who is the president of Argentina Juan. Evita became the mother country from 1946 until his death in 1952. Evita own background is an artist. Juan Domingo and Evita fell in love with a young and married her. Both are very influential political role so as to change the face of Argentina, they even dubbed the best political partner in that era. Evita himself eventually died of cancer. Maybe we could hear the famous song entitled "Dont cry for me Argentina" by Madonna. At that time Madonna played Evita in her music videos.

5. Tristan and Isolde

Isolde was the daughter of King of Ireland. He then engaged to King Mark of Cornwall, but in fact he fell in love with Tristan who is a nephew of King Mark. Their affair continued even when Isolde married King Mark. Eventually the affair was known to the king Mark, but because so love the king to his wife, he forgave his wife. But the king drove his nephew from Cornwall. Tristan finally went to Brittany and Iseult interested because his name is similar to Isolde. They married, but can not forget Isolde Tristan.
6. Prince Edward and Wallis Simpson

For the sake of his love for Wallis Simpson, Prince Edward was willing to sacrifice wealth and power. British princes falling in love with Wallis Simpson who was American and married. Wallis Simpson finally divorce her husband and start a new life with Prince Edward. Wallis, of course, not to become queen of England as an American. Prince Edward himself ascended the throne in 1936, but soon abdicated to marry her boyfriend for that. Prince Edward finally died on 28 May 1972. Wallis then withdrawn and eventually died 14 years later on April 24, 1986.
7. Pyramus and Thisbe

This is a popular love story of Babylon. This love story began in 331 BC. Pyramus is a handsome man who is a little friend of Thisbe. They live in the same neighborhood and love grow between them. But this is opposed by their parents. They then decided to run away and meet near a tree. Thisbe who come first to see a lion whose mouth was covered with blood. Thisbe frightened and ran away. When running he dropped her veil so taken by the lion. When it comes Pyramus and Thisbe see the headscarf in the lion's mouth (which was covered with blood). In deep sadness, Pyramus and then killed himself with a sword in his hand. Thisbe who can not live without Pyramus, then committed suicide with the same sword.
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