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7 Field Where People Have Differences

1. Extroverts versus Introverts
The extrovert pleased the crowd while the introverts would rather spend his time alone or with a close friend. Extroverts excited because of the people while introverts may be depleted its energy because of the people.
2.Actors or Observers
The players take risks, if they want to immediately see the opportunity to use it before it's too late. The more careful observers. They like to check everything first before making a decision.
3. Which gives an outline or That gives the details
The outlines have a common focus and see the big picture. They think according to the direction and desire to make things happen. Which gives details of the notice things that a nicety. Their concern is how to make things happen.
4.spending or saving
If shoppers have more money, they want to spend it - for yourself, for others, for proper purposes, for any purpose. If savers have more money, they want to save it just in case. They do not like to spend it unless absolutely essential.
5. Planner or flexible
Planners like structure where everything is neatly organized and packed. They like schedules and deadlines. Flexible to adapt to his way of life and deal with everything potluck. They tend to be spontaneous and relaxed. The lack of rapihan not bother them because they believed everything would be okay.
6. What is in a hurry or relaxing
The rush is always busy. Speed ​​and efficiency are the keywords they - finish as much as possible as quickly as possible. Spend some time relaxing and set his own pace. Maybe they did not complete enough, but they enjoy what they do.
7. Thinker or flavorings
Thinkers focus on the facts and principles. Their decisions based on objective data and tend to be oriented to the task. Taste focuses on people and feelings. They based the decision on subjective data and tend to relationship-oriented.
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