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7 Shelter Weird Most Used Goods

1. Tacky Toilets

Junkyards in the whole world is filled with a sad toilet from the past, never again feel the warmth behind the man. But while the toilet cracked, broken, rotting usually stay behind the gate to the cemetery figurative toilet, others will appear in works of public art weird. The city seems to have created a toilet grave, while Gunagdong Province in China putting thousands for public use in a giant waterfall.

2. Busted Bus Stops 
What, exactly, could be wrong with tens haltei found abandoned in the Minneapolis Warehouse District that can not be repaired? Whether for appearance or function, this bus stops were scrapped and now sits as a monument strange unwanted junk

3. Vacant Vending Machines

Japan is a country full of vending machines, and they not only full of candy, chips and soda. Eggs, fresh flowers, hot french fries and clothing are just some examples of off-the-wall offerings. Thus, the presence of vending machines is not surprising wastelands.

4. Tarnished Tanks

Tank clutter of wide open space in African countries, Eritrea is not only ignored the product. Chunks of metal is the legacy of nearly half a century of war during the struggle for independence from Ethiopia, and they stand as reminders of the country's proud of the hard-earned victory.

5. Tossed-aside Taxis

For decades, Chinese citizens to take a taxi cab and public transportation when they need to get somewhere. However, economic expansion means that private vehicles are no longer beyond the reach of the middle class, and the taxis that once they are highly dependent on now so jumbled mess in the middle of the soil and weeds.
6. Canned Construction Equipment

When finally completed construction equipment to build and demolish the building, where he went? Apparently, it sat in the scrap yards are still useful to wait for each part to be harvested, and then sit around anymore. Many in Britain has almost all the equipment you can imagine.

7. Broken Books

With the tremendous volume of books piled on the floor, this building can only be a library - though one that has seen better days. Seeing thousands of books rotting in an abandoned building that was enough to make a bibliophile weep, but garbage like this is too common in post-collapse of the Soviet Union.
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