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Beautiful nurses of Japanese robots.

Japan is well known as a crazy state of technology. Recently, a local company introduced a prototype robot designed to resemble a nurse who actually nurses at the hospital. Robot nurse named 'The Actroid-F' is expected to be used to assist treatment and patient care in hospitals, and here are the photos Actroid-F robot nurses from Japan.

Owner of The Actroid-F Robot beautiful nurse is a robot company Kokoro, the company is not only the focus to create a robot, but also seeks to realize the physical form of robots as real as possible that is beautiful and attractive interest such as The Actroid-F robot this beautiful nurse.

Robot designers create synthetic skin from silicone so it will give a soft touch for patients treated. Although unable to walk or sit, it looks so real robot with facial expressions generated. This beautiful robot can speak, smile, and flashes as the computer settings.

Meanwhile, the Japan Times Online writes, the Japanese government also introduced a prototype robot nurses that is projected to start working for the public interest the next five years. But, not yet known manifestation of this government version of a robot nurse. To be sure, governments and developers in Japan still continues to experiment and formulate standards of safety.
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