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Based on Zodiac Sex Style

Fuck style or 'ML' depends on many factors. One factor, is the zodiac. Want to know what style of lovemaking as the zodiac?

Based on Zodiac Sex Style


Your Taurus star famous for romantic habits. You love to pamper your partner. You do this by watching a concert or movie drama romance, or a candle light dinner with a sprinkling of rose. Afterwards, you will satisfy your partner during lovemaking.

For women Taurus, you are very very attention to detail in matters of sex. Start a bedroom, nightclothes until the smallest things for your partner feel comfortable man.

As for Taurus man, very open and appreciate your partner. Taurus man even without feeling shy to try something new while warming before making love. Again, the goal for the sake of satisfying your partner.


You are a Gemini women tend to be too open and annoying. But the openness of what is it, Gemini women have incredible sexual abilities. Gemini women will bow the knee to the man who can keep up and truly understand the 'cycle' of women. Gemini's penchant for women is a conversation after the 'ML'.

While the Gemini man, very excited to invite their partners have a conversation 'dirty' when making love. Gemini Men often look at her partner's eyes deeply.


Cancer zodiac you have a great interest in romantic relationships. But you keep up the great feeling of love at couples, with families and careers. In addition, humans often tercitra Cancer tame-tame pigeons. Understandably, pretending to want real shy.

Your Cancer women like men to look neat, masculine, and masculine.

While your Cancer man really knows the right moment to invite the couple to make love. You can always try to happy couples when you are in bed. Just to remind, the Cancer man is a type of female worshipers. Despite having a great tendency to have an affair with another woman.


You are the owner of the zodiac Leo, want to rule according to the dominant symbol, the lion the king of the jungle. Man Leo always want to dominate.

For Leo women, happy to show body parts that are considered sexy, because it increases self-confidence.

For Leo man, like a moan when their partner is 'ML'.


You, human beings tend to resemble human Virgo Leo. Your Virgo zodiac known as the owner of the smile of death. Virgo man, known to be great in bed and always wants to control the game to make love.

For Virgo women have sexual fantasies that are very varied, so make time with your partner is always excited. Understandably, high imagination makes women's libido Virgo easily aroused. Moreover, if the partner-scented perfume before boarding onto the bed.

For Virgo men tend to be similar to female. More than that, man Virgo is very concerned about the sexual health of themselves and their partners.


You, as a human Libra the scales illustrated are easily fooled external appearance of the opposite sex. But so it goes without worry, you have said words and sensual body language. It is a lethal weapon to conquer the opposite sex.

You as a female Libra is Demand softness of lovemaking. Obviously, the quality of sex is the main thing.

While the Libra man has a strong intuition and always treat your partner properly. Just a reminder, Libra men are very fond of music.


You, the human Scorpio highly value the beauty of romance mixed in the corner of emotional eruptions. Your advantages as a Scorpio is very fond of erotic movement.

Generalizations, male and female Scorpio, very trusting partner. But once trust neglected, Scorpio will move away.


You are the owner of Sagittarius star is a person of simple, natural and candid. But for matters of the bed depends on the response mate.

Sagittarius women are very good at finding common excitatory pairs. However, they need a partner who can help start the game and good at doing foreplay.
Sagittarius Men highly value loyalty and be careful about romance. However, it does not mean not easily aroused and like a quickie.
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