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How To Calculate Body Fat or Thin

While wanting to lose weight, a person is required to calculate body mass index (BMI). Because the results of the BMI calculation can determine whether a person is ideal, including thin or overweight.

How to calculate body mass index values ​​based on height and weight value owned. This calculation applies equally to men and women.

How To Calculate Body Fat or Thin

As quoted by the BBC, is it calculated by squaring the value of height (in meters). Then the value of body weight (in kilograms) divided by the square of the height.

For example one 30-year-old woman weighing 60 kg and height 160 cm (1.6 meters). How to calculate the first time squaring height X 1.6 2.56 1.6 results. Then the value of weight divided by the multiplication of the heights of 60: 23.43 2.56 results. Mean value of BMI of the women were at 23.43 and entrance into the group of ideal / normal.

BMI categories are:
1. Body mass index value of less than 19 belong to the group skinny.
2. The value entered into the group from 19 to 24.9 is ideal.
3. Enter a value between 25 to 29.9 overweight group (obese).
4. If reaching the value of 30 or more then that person into the obese group.

Health risks will be greater if a person has a body mass index value of 25 or more. Because the more likely the person is exposed to the disease if not balanced with a healthy lifestyle and exercise.

Health risks that may be owned by persons with a body mass index value above 25 is high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, back pain or are also associated with psychological.

For those who have a large body mass index does not hurt to start a diet that sehatdengan reducing caloric intake, multiply the physical activity, implementing a healthy lifestyle to consult a doctor or nutritionist.

BMI is one tool to find out if someone needs to go on a diet or not, but BMI is only to see the excess weight due to fat. So for people who muscled, athletic, pregnant women, BMI readings may be less precise
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