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Hot! new spiderman figure

Curiosity of the fans of Spider-Man with the appearance of the latest Spider-Man played by Andrew Garfield will be little missed.  The reason Sony Pictures has just released official pictures of the character is Spider-Man.
Andrew looks in the picture depicting the figure of Spider-Man with battered state and the costumes are a mess.  The figure of Peter Parker also shown carrying a bag on his shoulder, indicating his status as a student SMA.
In the picture that was launched Aceshowbiz It also describes the Spider-Man costume is now different from the previously worn by Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man trilogy, Sam Raimi filmed.  These changes include the spider symbol on chest and materials used.  It was to illustrate Andrew's body a more slender than Tobey.

But most attention was a small gold objects embedded in the wrist.  Some people believe that it is a tool spider web shooter.  In the comics, shooter spider's web is a tool made by Spider-Man.  However, in the first movie Spider-Man, decided to make a spider web shooter by nature.  Because the filmmakers are thinking is not possible if a high school child can create a sophisticated tool that.

Spider-Man is now filming under the direction of Marc Webb with Emma Stone stars as Gwen Stacy woman of his dreams.  Meanwhile, Rhys Ifans will play a wicked character who until now has not mentioned the name of his character.  This film will be made in 3D format and is scheduled to release in the United States in July 2012.

FYI this is the main actor in the film as Eduardo saverin the social network..: D
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