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Factors that Cause First Love

Love at first sight poorer not only influenced by physical factors alone. According to the researchers, there are other factors besides performance that makes you feel love at first sight.

In their study, researchers used the fly as the experiment material. They try to pair the female and male flies of the same species and also different. The result was, they found the female flies are more interested in and choose the male flies originating from different species.

According to the researchers, the female flies choose their partners by smell. They can kiss where the male flies that can produce healthy offspring and more.

"We could call it love at first sight. Not only from the view, but from the smell, sounds or other sensations that tell the opposite sex that biological partner is nearby," says Andrew Clark of Cornell University, as quoted by LiveScience.

Researchers also found that the influence of chemical substances and certain proteins produced by the opposite sex when seeing each other, is crucial interest. Researchers also found similar results when examining groups of mammals, including humans.

"The success of a woman to produce children genetically related to the quality of men, especially men who have a genetic as opposed to the woman," said Clark.

Researchers try to use the T-shirt men's fragrance to attract women, and the result is women are more attracted to men who after it turned out to have a gene that is opposite to that woman. Not yet known with certainty why it happened, but the difference in the immune system and the possibility of avoiding a similar disease into consideration factors.

"We also found this fact in men who are attracted to women," said Mariana Wolfner, professor of developmental biology at Cornell.
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