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19 How You Look Stunning In order Bede in Front of a lot of people

Tips that will make you attractive, a full personal charm. This is the 19th secret and became a full personal charm that we have developed from the ideas of dr. Yul Iskandar, etc, MBAP., MASRS., PhD. Foundation founder Dharma Graha. Congratulations to follow!

1. Was changed with time and place!
Do not always keep the negative feelings, such as: feeling bored, tired, tired, tormented by the place or the past. Smile, and the world will smile with you! Weep, and you will cry alone! Pearl said this suggests that we are always happy no matter where we are and whenever. If we feel as one of the most sad or suffer in this world, rest assured that there are many others who suffer more than us.

2. Look for acquaintances, friends, friends, relatives as much as possible!
Frequently traveling, exploring the world. The more often you meet and interact with many people, then you will be more mature personality without you knowing it.

3. Love others as loving yourself. 
With love, life is beautiful, a lasting friendship, and hospitality is maintained. Of course, given the sincere love unconditionally, without expecting reward except from God alone.

4. Appreciate and enjoy nature.
With respect nature, the soul becomes quiet. By enjoying the natural heart to be happy. Discover the secret of something that looks interesting, for example: flowers bloom, the shining sun, fields that lie.

5. Respect others.
For example, in a way makes him happy, smiling, laughing, giving a sincere compliment. Others happy will make us happy in the time unexpected, trust me!

6. Keep your behavior.
Multiply listening and thinking than talking, except when the time to talk. By keeping the verbal and our actions, meaning half the battle of life we ​​have won.

7. Do not be childish.
Adult attitudes show a strong personality and charm. How many parents have not even an adult! One sign of maturity among others, is one of attitude, said words, and the way in making wise decisions.

8. Do not find fault with others.
Our lives are too short to do this.

9. Do not lower yourself. 
Is necessary for us to accept and correct our shortcomings and never feel inferior or small in front of others. Believe me, not a perfect human being on this earth!

10. Do not be arrogant.
Know that there is always more than we do. Pride signifies emptiness.

11. Develop an interest in various things.
Do not limit yourself, expand the talents, interests, abilities, knowledge and your expertise. Having an expertise or specialization will feel better and perfect if supported by expertise in other fields, so that you will be more "shine" and full of charm.

12. Always good to others.
Do not ever feel resentment even to others, even to those who have hurt us. Love is in the earth, surely that the sky will love you.

13. Always learning.
The more you learn, the more you know. This science can be a land deeds for you, so you feel the pleasure of sharing and the beauty of science.

14. Always follow the latest information and developments about anything.
With many know about the most recent, then you'll appear more confident and full of charm. More and more new things that you know, it will be more and more also are looking for and chasing you ... rest assured!

15. Always strapping, sprightly, and ready.
The position or posture you are in communicating with others will reveal who you really are. Therefore, be as plans, targets, and strategies (preparation), which mature and passion that never faded!

16. Always a smile on someone else.
People would rather see the face adorned with a smile rather than a face that is always accompanied by lamentation or complaint.

17. Pleased to work with other people.
This is what makes the network (network) we are increasingly broad, tighter, and stronger.

18. Glad to help others.
With love to help others, then in essence we help ourselves. The more people we help, the more often we are helped by Allah by His unexpected.

19. Accept fate is.
Stay calm and brave, remember that "the storm would pass" and "the wheel is spinning." Do not like to complain, grumble, scold or even fate. Do not say or think that God is not fair! Herein lies precisely in his justice.
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