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Familiarizing Hyperstartle syndrome Habits

1. Understanding Hyperstartle syndrome

According KBBI third edition, talkative have meaning;
  • Nerve pain suffered by like mime act or speech of others.
  • Behave like a madman, for example, the loss of a loved one
  • Be stereotyped attitudes, actions, or habits of other people or nation
  • Removing the words that are not obscene.
According to Drs. Rinrin R. Kaltarina, Psi., M.Sc., Hyperstartle syndrome is a speech or acts that revealed an uncontrollable after a shocked reaction.

Hyperstartle syndrome is a speech or actions that are revealed or not controlled, pascareaksi surprised (starled reaction). While the ruling appeared talkative subconscious (subconcious).

2. Cause Hyperstartle syndrome

The main cause is anxiety or depression talkative because of stress. There are several theories that cause interference with talkative, namely:

Theory of Rebellion. In the talkative, someone can say things that are prohibited without feeling guilty. This phenomenon is a kind of behavioral disorder. More towards obsessive because there is an uncontrolled urge to say or do something.

Theory of Anxiety. Symptoms arise because the relevant talkative have anxiety about something without knowing. On average, in life there is always a talkative person with authoritarian leaders, whether father or mother. Could be, talkative is a dominant way of rebellion against parents who are very pressing. Yet authoritarian leaders do not have to come from a family environment.

Conditioning Theory. This is called because of contaminated talkative. A person suffering from talkative as conditioned by its environment, for example because talkative, someone feel cared for and cared for by the environment. That way, talkative also an effort to seek attention. Hyperstartle syndrome this kind is called "talkative slang."

3. Hyperstartle syndrome kinds
According to Drs. Rinrin R. Kaltarina, Psi., M.Sc. There are four kinds of talkative.

  1. Ekolalia: repeating the words of others
  2. Ekopraksia: imitate the movements of others
  3. Koprolalia: say the words that are considered taboo / dirty
  4. Automatic obedience: carrying out orders spontaneously when startled, for example, when patients were surprised by the call commands like "bow down" or "hug", he will immediately take command.

4. Hyperstartle syndrome Danger

Creativity curb. Because we're used to imitate other people, act like other people to behave. we finally lost the power to 'create' new things, the more fresh and we will established with kejumudan. "Be a leader dont be a follower"

Erode diversity. Do not expect to find things 'new' if the culture is already become acute. everyone will vote for the uniform rather than struggling to make something entirely different. I could have our slogan will change from "different though but still one also" become "even one as long as different."

Good Bad Depending Imitation
According to Evi Elviati, Psi., A psychologist from Essa Consulting Group, both the bad boy of his friends being talkative depending on what was imitate. If its negative, then the parents must immediately stop to give an explanation to the child. Conversely, if the emulated are positive things, so parents would have to provide support for children continue to do so.

5. Treatment / Healing

Terms emergence is a surprise talkative. To reduce and heal talkative, he should be able to find the tranquility of living. For example, out of the house if their parents often make the pressure or change of job if the job that made him stress.

To heal the talkative, the environment must empathize. There is a talkative person who cured himself after a family and live in peace. The rest, patients are encouraged to do relaxation exercises, meditation, and concentration on a regular basis. This activity will help the patient to recovery. And, frequently doing fun activities that do not create stress (Dr. R. Khaltarina Rinrin, Psi., M.Sc.).

Therapeutic fasting is quite popular in Europe and the U.S.. Another good news, latest research results prove that run fast and correct secata, can serve as therapy for people talkative. This is sourced to the fact that pausa devotion can make a person more able to master and control ourselves.
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