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Trillions Income Falls 12 Celebrities Involved Bankruptcy & Debt

Income famous Hollywood celebrities enormous. They can print trillions in his life that probably most of us will not run out until the great-great-Citi us. Many of those who must sell the property of their property are often not even enough to cover its debt .. It must be a big question mark for us what exactly they were doing so could have gone under like this.

Nicolas Cage

The 46-year-old artist who was earning approximately Rp.35 trillion during his career as a Hollywood actor. But somehow he managed to spend a bunch of money, and declared himself bankrupt in October 2009 and instead involved debt now. He has a debt amounting to Rp.54 billion to American Tax Directorate.

Mike Tyson

World-class heavyweight boxers are in fact already declared himself bankrupt in court in 2003. Later she appeared again on TV ABC America and declare that he is really falling into poverty.

Kate Jackson

Former actor "Charlie's Angels" is now in financial difficulties. Financial advisors take Rp 5 billion each year from him.

Pamela Anderson

Former movie actress famous 'Baywatch' has a tax debt amounting to Rp 5 billion.

Dustin Diamond

Former 'Saved By The Bell' was in difficulties. Dustin on demand Rp.200 million over his tax home and still owes billions upon payment Rp.2.6 sell his house in Wisconsin.

Annie Liebovitz

This famous photographers around Rp.220 billion in debt. In April, Brunswick Capital Partners, financial management company said that Annie has a debt amounting to Rp.7.2 Billion to them.


December last year, Sinbad, who has a real name David Adkins, declared bankruptcy after being chased by tax debt amounting to Rp.72 billion. This 53-year-old comedian also had to sell his home in Los Angeles with a price Rp.27 billion when he bought it more than Rp 50 billion in the year 2007.

Flava Flav

This guy is payable more than about 600 million rupiahs to the ex-girlfriend, Angie Parker for his living expenses of children after divorce. He is also being chased by the Directorate of Taxes on debts amounting to Rp1.8 United Billion.

Stephen Baldwin

This man lost his family wealth and well, but it still has not lost faith in the Gospel. The actor has declared bankruptcy in July 2009 after engaging in debt amounting to Rp.21 billion.

Antoine Walker

Former NBA player known to have penghasillan Rp1 trillion this for 13 years playing in the NBA. However, former NBA player is visible debt. July last year, casinos in Las Vegas sue him for giving a blank check with no money for Rp.9 Billion

Sarah Margaret Ferguson

Sarah is the former wife of Prince Andrew, England. Sarah mempuyai debt of more than USD 3.6 billion. He is also on the table hijaukan with tuntuntan of Rp.360 million for failing to stop the production of his book that kontroverisal.

Lindsay Lohan

These celebrities have credit card debt amounted to Rp.5.5 billion and according to the TMZ report, 23-year-old celebrity has become poor.
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