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Giant Planets without Stars have been Discovered.

Astronomers say they have discovered giant planets that have no parent star.

After searching for two years, found 10 Jupiter-sized giant planets in nearby stars, but some are free floating in the Milky Way, aka do not have a parent star. Similarly, as quoted by AFP.

The study, published in the science journal Nature, provides new insights on knowledge about the planet. There are more than 500 planets without stars discovered since 1995, but this discovery is the first time discovered a planet without a huge star.

Planetary theory says that planets formed from dust and gas from their star. Journal Nature said that the planets without this star is probably the planet that have very far distances from their stars, until no longer affected by the gravity of its parent star.

The study, written in the science journal Nature, written by two teams who use the micro-gravity levels to analyze 10 million stars in the Milky Way in the past two years.
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