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6 Sea which most often occur Piracy in the World

1. Gulf of Aden

In late 2008, world attention turned to the waters near this African Peninsula. One of the super ship in the world's largest oil tanker owned by Saudi Arabia which was carrying two million barrels of crude oil was hijacked by pirates from Somalia.

The incident was recorded as the piracy of the largest ship that ever happened in the world. The ship named Sirius Star was estimated worth $ 150 million and the estimated oil cargo valued at U.S. $ 100 million.

The Somali pirates are not only interested in the cargo ship. A French-flagged ship named yacht Carre D'as IV was hijacked by Somali pirates.

2. Nigeria

Danish container ship named Claes Maersk was hijacked by pirates when he was leaning against the pier. The pirates use speedboats to reach the ship. This report on piracy has never been addressed by the Nigerian government.

Until September 2008, there were 24 attacks in Nigerian waters, or more than twice a month. Nigeria ranks second after the Gulf of Aden as a region with the world's most dangerous waters.

3. Indonesian

With its status as the world's largest archipelagic nation, Indonesia, which consists of about 17,000 large and small islands would be a very potential locations for piracy. The lack of safety at sea level makes the pirates free to act.

In April 2008, Norway's large shipping vessels, Spar said, was hijacked by two dozen pirates from Indonesia. Had been a small battle between the pirates and crew that eventually won by the pirates.

Until September 2009, there were 23 piracy attacks that occurred in Indonesian waters, or more than two attacks each month. This makes Indonesia as the region most vulnerable to the waters of third in the world after the Gulf of Aden and Nigeria.

4. Tanzania

Country located in East Africa has a beautiful nature and famous as a haven for the snorkeler (snorkeling sports fans). However, this country was also a "natural" beautiful for the pirates. Tanzania is located near the Indian Ocean, most busy waters traversed by two-thirds of the world's oil tankers and other large cargo ships.

In September 2008, Liberia's container ship, Safmarine Asia, was hijacked by the pirates. They managed to dismantle the three containers and carry the belongings of crew.

Until September 2008, there were 14 attacks, or nearly two times each month. Tanzania occupies the fourth position as the region with the world's most dangerous waters.

5. Gulf Somalia

Somalia bay or cove along the 1880 miles the longest in Africa are often used by pirates to hijack ships serving the route for delivery of goods through the Red Sea.

Faina, a Ukrainian-owned container ship, which was carrying Soviet-made weaponry, including 72 tanks, was hijacked by 50 armed pirates in September 2008. Piracy has become one of the events that get the attention of the world. Ransom negotiation process lasted a lot and get help from American warships belonging.

As of September 2008 there were 12 attacks in the Gulf of Somalia, or more than one attack per month. This makes the waters of the Gulf of Somalia as the most vulnerable to number five in the world.
In March 2011, Ship MV. Holy Rays owned by PT. Samudra Indonesia also hijacked these waters.

6. India

In India, seven pirates boarded the vessel open around 12 feet and approached the tanker carrying chemicals, Acavus. As of September 2008, there were 10 attacks off the coast of India. As a result, India occupies sixth position as the region with the most dangerous waters in the world.
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