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Humans can breathe in the water long

Scientists have found a way for humans to breathe under water by combining human DNA with algae.

Scientists studied the salamanders, and found oxygen-producing algae as bound with salamander eggs, both very close bond that is very difficult to separate.

By studying the mechanism further, they (investigators) hope the process can be applied to humans someday.

This will enable us to swim without having to breathe the air at the surface as narrated in the adventures of Harry in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire".

In the film, a slimy plant (gillyweed) gives Harry a gill on the side of his neck and lets him breathe under water like fish.

In real life version, it can work in a more fundamental level and alter our DNA, so we are more like an algae that will remove the oxygen despite being located on the seabed.

Researchers from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada, found the human DNA is packed with hundreds of viruses that we have absorbed from childhood.

They use the theory of salamanders because algae are often trapped in embryo salamanders and "we found several salamanders that are literally part of the algae."

Growth of algae will not be destroyed like salamanders, meaning in time they will become adults, and salamanders are part of the plan.

This discovery is the first documentation of the first case of living beings partnership, or symbiosis, with a vertebrate.

Scientists say it could mean potential species biologists can use algae in a day as a source of oxygen for other organisms including humans.

Like the jump, it will require a substantial test and it is possible considering we a vertebrate such as salamanders.

A lead researcher Dr Ryan Kerney said, "algae in the shell egg supply oxygen to the embryo and embryos of algae get nitrogen-rich waste."

"We also find algae in organ DNA of adult salamanders, so it's possible this terwarisi."

"We call it vertical transmission, but there is the possibility of mixing salamanders and algae occur from environmental patterns."

According to the Daily Mail, the study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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