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Origin of The Word O.K

Turns out the word "OK" is an abbreviation of the word 'oll korrect'. why so? you must be wondering instead distinguished 'all correct'?

so at the time of the year 1839 in the city of New York and Boston again slank trendy thing as a kind of slang language. rich example abbreviation "KY" distinguished origin 'know Yuse', 'OW' for 'oll wright (the predecessor of' oll korrect ');' KG 'to' know go ',' NS 'to' nuff said; and many other distinguished .

OK is a word slank who still survive, because in 1840 there is an election in New York where the candidate who named Martin Van Buren used the word OK senagai slogans. Van Buren panggilal name is' Old Kinderhook ', so the pendukungnnya formed group called' OK Club ', which has a double meaning which is' oll korrect and 'Old Kinderhook'. but this gives the opponent a chance to Van Buren for mocking his supporters as a group of illiterate.

Other Facts
  • The phrase 'okey-Doke' first appeared in 1932, came from the habit of people who speak english OK saying 'Okie'. who then brought to America, where the American people ring it with a version of 'e' which is longer, giving rise to rhyme.
  • Greek people who bermigarasi to America but then return to his homeland called by the Greeks as 'okay, boys', because they have adopted the American habit who say the word OK.
  • OK verb form originally appeared in 1919 which is described as "Okeh", which confused by the word of Choctaw (Native American people southeast U.S. imaginable section) "Okeh", which means "it is so". But in 1929, was replaced with the right spelling, which was pretty much survive to this day.
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