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Personality According to Egyptian Zodiac Forecast

SPHINX : Keeper Treasure (December 27 to January 25)

Pros: Sphinx have a strong discipline. Always wanted to do everything correctly and responsibly. So can a task, they will run with the serious and disciplined to do it. Totality important to them. Fun, seriousness they are also accompanied by humorous nature. Sphinx is also sensitive and full of feeling. Although always looks humorous and witty, in fact they are careful and think things seriously.

Disadvantages: Too sensitive in all circumstances. If anyone who treats them or their trivial tasks, it can quickly turn into insecure and pessimistic.

Love: In Love, the Sphinx always act cautiously in order to find a suitable partner in the liver. The nature of this slowly also indicate if they hard to fall in love.

Career: Professional fitting Entrepreneurs / PR.

SHU : Heaven (26 January to 24 February)

Pros:? Shu is a devotee of freedom. Without any restraint, they can be very creative. Moreover, supported by a humorous nature that is in them, it will result in the creation of interesting and different from most people. In taking action, people who are under Shu be careful and principled life. This capability is supported also by its full attention to friends and family.

Disadvantages: Shu known to be independent, but independent nature is in fact often they see themselves hesitate to make their own capabilities. Because this problem also, they often lose many good opportunities. In addition, Shu is also hard to guess his wish, did not want to share the misery with others, and stubborn.

Love: Independence Shu is often perceived as indifferent and do not need. Conversely, if you've found the guy / girl that match the criteria, Shu directly change? Sweet?

Career:? Professionals who fit Veterinarian or Social Worker.

ISIS : Goddess Discipline (February 25-March 26)

Pros:? Isis popular because of the unique ideas, liberal and fun. Also because his sense of humor. They are well known to many ideas. Active attitude and confidence are often channeled to help others. They are a great place to be a friend vent. Isis also very glorifying honesty. Therefore also they always come clean of all things.

Disadvantages:? Isis like obsessed with his own ideas. Not infrequently they feel that their ideas are the best among the others, even sometimes reject the ideas given by others. Unfortunately, when problems are approached Isis began to peak, they are actually easy to fly the white flag alias quitter.

Love: Isis is very emotional and like to devote attention to the people who cared. They are also known romantic at the same time sensitive.

Career: Professional Photographers pas / Expert creative advertising.

OSIRIS : god of the Underworld (March 27-April 25)

Pros: Osiris is the type of girl that dynamic and flexible. And most do not like to argue. Osiris was a shelter under those full of ideas and ingenuity, as well as clever use of the opportunity. Hence, no wonder if these people belonged to Osiris most successful people. ? Osiris also has an independent nature and not the type of person who ganpang surrender. Once a failure, they will rise up again with gusto.

Disadvantages: People Osiris is the type of person that is difficult to understand. And also not the type to patient. Sometimes, when the responsibility, precisely to avoid people Osiris. No wonder, if the work that has been prepared and carried out with difficulty, it was abandoned just like that.

Love: the dynamic nature of Osiris also carry over into relationships. They do not like ties, flat, especially if couples are not challenging and cool-deep calm.

Career: Teacher Professional fitting

AMUN : God Amun Builders World (April 26-May 25)

Pros: Amun-known popular because of the nature of his care. But behind it have a strong desire and tend ambitious. The nature of your enviable confidence. The? Descendants of Amun? even really know what they want and how to get it. They are firm and will not stop until realized what they envisioned.

Disadvantages: Amun ambitious usually have a good planning before doing anything. But unfortunately, when it hit a problem, tends to waver faith. If it's in its early stages like this, the nature of matter and less stubborn, so you appear less tolerant of other people

Love: Peace is the dream of Amun. So their ideal love relationship is a harmonious relationship, feelings and actions.

Career:? Profession who fit Actress

HATHUR : Gods of Earth and Sky (May 26-June 24)

Pros: Hathur very expressive, able to demonstrate good feelings with other people. This proves the honesty of their attitudes. People feel at home is nearby. They were able to think quickly in difficult situations. And the most fascinating of the people Hathur is charisma that is in them.

Disadvantages: mood changes like making others puzzled by their attitude. What's worse, when they were in a state of bad mood, it could be a task or job that is charged to them are not touched at all or done half-heartedly until the results are not optimal. Sometimes also, Hathur, can act stupid things in the name of love.

Love: Hathur expressive couples prefer an intelligent and smart. If it finds a suitable mate or match their nature, they can fall in love with half-dead.

Career: Professional fitting Psychologist or counselor

PHOENIX : Bird Life and the Awakening (June 25-July 24)

Pros: Soul optimistic owned Pheonix balanced with bold stance to take risks. They were also good at getting other people to have optimism as they feel. Pheonix's why many people who become role models.

Disadvantages: Phoenix often can not control your emotions. If the conditions of debate, more defensive (defensive) and stubborn. Pheonix juag lonely, less sociable, and do not like crowds. Sometimes also be less realistic as the world live on their own.

Love: The nature of the emotional is also visible in your love affairs. The things that sometimes are not important fact that even you arguing with your spouse, until he was confused what exactly to your wishes.

Career: Professional fitting racer / Stewardess

ANUBIS : Guardians of the Underworld (July 25 to August 28)

Advantages: 'The descendants of Anubis' have a high confidence. They are proud of themselves and know how to show her best side. In addition, Anubis is also very creative, persistent and do not ever look tired activity. Anubis people were known to be sympathetic and kind. No wonder the environment, Anubis was known most attention, and have good organizational skills and responsibility.

Disadvantages: Sometimes bossy attitude that emerged and the nature also makes them seem arrogant and haughty. Anubis also has nature always want to arrange another suitable person? with his will. Also sensitive and easily offended are also owned by them? Descent? Anubis.

Love: Because this bossy also Anubis always dominated the affair relationship. Actually, they just want to always give the best for couples, but what happened instead often misinterpreted by the couple as possessive and dominant nature.

Career: Pas Professional Copywriter / Fashion Designer

THOTH : God Thoth Education and Inventors Writing (August 29 to September 27)

Pros: Thoth is known diligent and industrious, spirited leader, able to think accurately, with ideas that are always original. Nature wise to make them quiet in analyzing the problem, then find your way to the outside. This is achieved by Toth happy to find new experiences. Those who take shelter under Toth is the type of person who cried when invited to beridiskusi,? Thanks argumentasiyang interesting and pleasant way of speaking.

Disadvantages: Thoth is often not in a hurry and impatient. Moreover also worried that could easily disrupt other people.

Love: Thoth did not hesitate to show his feelings on its preferred partner. But, when the relationship has been established, they tend to doubt the relationship has been fostered.

Career: Pas Professional Journalist / Reporter / Writer / Lawyer

HORUS : Sun God (September 28 to October 27)

Pros: Horus was the type of people brave, courageous people greet first. They are also good at hanging out and gather friends, because a lot of friends who actually makes the heart feel much more happy. Other properties of Horus, they are among those optimists who champion motivate people.

Disadvantages: The nature optimistic owned Horus is not always coupled with a realistic mind, so that sometimes they are disappointed if the goal is not achieved in line with expectations. In the face of their problems as well quitter

Love: Horus could be happy if you be around people who cared. But be careful in a relationship because they are easily influenced by nature and difficult decision.

Career: Professional fitting Politicians / News Anchor / Account Executive

WADJET : Cobra Goddess Kingdom (October 28 to November 26)

Pros: As with any ambitious snake looking for food, Wadjet is also ambitious in every action. Whatever is done, try to love it. If you have a problem, they are able to think rationally for to see the root problem. They also have the nature of the meticulous and cautious. As a result, they became respected. And people judge Wadjet family is everything.

Disadvantages: Jealousy great. This could interfere with their relationships with others, what they sometimes difficult to get along. They are also pessimistic, arrogant and like to consider themselves the most correct.

Love: Joy cover unpredictable feelings and wants. But basically they've got great energy of love that is ready? Shed? to anyone.

Career: Professional fitting Architect / Editor

SEKHMET : Goddess of War (November 27-December 26)

Pros: Like a challenge, have a mentally strong and able to survive in the trying times. they also included among those who imaginative funny, to enjoy making others laugh. Although it sometimes looks cool, but they are people who are optimistic, to enable him to get out of each permasalahn faced. Sekhmet People are people the most anti-restrained.

Disadvantages: Often not patience! This often causes anxiety to myself and to be acting recklessly. Finally, they more often choose the shortcuts that often ended in error.

Love: Most anti restrained! Interestingly they also have the properties of possessives and suspiciously easy to pair. Even so busy suspicious, they are so hard to find free time for yourself.

Career: Professional fitting Reporter / Athletes
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