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8 Ethics in Twitter

As a media microblogging, Twitter allows users to dialogue and socialize. Although the forms of relationships that occur can be spelled the virtual (due to take place in a virtual media), but the interactions that take place often have a significant impact.

We certainly remember what happened to Luna Maya because singing with emotion on Twitter. Then see how the security forces the President of the United States, Barack Obama, conduct inquiries against people who send death threats via a message on Twitter.

And recently happened on Twitter, musician Armand Maulana considered insulting the supporters of one football club, and a problem so long tails though Armand already apologized. Until the time of this writing, Armand behind to hold accountable someone who threw tweet rude to him.

Of course there are many other examples that can illustrate how the text 120 characters in Twitter can affect a person's life. Adverse events such as the above could have been avoided, if we heed her Twitter ethics. What are the things that need to be ignored in making use of Twitter? Consider the eight ethics Twitter below.

1. Think of Twitter as a wedding reception

Imagine you are attending a wedding reception, where you will meet many people who do not all you know. Chats can be taken in an atmosphere like that is the nature informative, entertaining, and fun. Do not talk loudly, to something not worth listening to many people.

Remember that if you write the name in the Google search engine, but not impossible all your greeting on Twitter will be tracked. Imagine if it read by mom or companies that will hire you. In essence, you have to keep your greeting.

2. Interact and share vital information

Twitter is a social media interactive, so a conversation with others is very important. Be diligent to comment on the information conveyed to others, and re-tweet something interesting. Do not just announce what you eat today, but to convey information (if necessary accompanied by a link) about something you are interested. Expand friend because it will expand the network of friends.

3. Note the frequency

It may be that you are one of the many business people who use Twitter to support business activities, but if you do a promotion every 2 minutes or so for example, you might even lose the follower (follower). Insert information about the product, among the tweet-tweet informative that you created.

4. Balance professionalism with personality

You certainly want to prove to his followers that you are a person who can be trusted and reliable source of information. For that, you must display the impression that you are approachable and friendly, but still professional. Give praise when appropriate, and do not hesitate to express congratulations and gratitude.

5. Follow (follow) the people who interesting

Follow the people who we think is important, who cultivate the same field with us or another area that we are interested. Follow also some people who they follow. Do not feel obliged to follow those who follow us, you should look at his profile first.

6. Speak only the essentials

Twitter only allows us to write in 140 characters, so it means to say something to the point, but still interesting. Use penyingkat URL if included links. Do not just talk about yourself, and do not spit it personal.

7. Avoid service automation

Update Twitter and thanks delivered automatically be considered annoying, can even be considered spam. People can judge it as a lack of touch / direct effort from the sender, and are not interested in the interaction. This can be bad in a relationship.

8. Do not start a debate

Arguing can be good, if done well. Avoid a nuanced debate provoking, provocation, and attacked the credibility of a person.
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