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Some Dinosaurs Apparently Hobbies Dinner

Several species of dinosaurs and ancient flying reptile estimated to go hunting at night. This conclusion is derived from a recent study of fossil bone structure of the eye from a number of ancient reptiles and birds made by Lars Schmitz and Ryosuke Motani, researchers from the University of California.

Quoted from ScienceShots, April 15, 2011, in the modern creature that has a similar structure, size and proportion of the so-called scleral reinforcing ring outside the eye and tissue around the pupil is a reliable indicator to determine whether the animal in question is active in the daytime, at night, or on the day and night.

For example, the small size of the internal diameter of the scleral ring of pterosaurs Scaphognathus crassirostris sized eagle (see the purple circle in the figure) compared with the size of the animal's eye sockets indicate that these flying reptiles could only see in bright conditions.

"However, the magnitude of the internal and external diameter of the scleral ring on Velociraptor mongoliensis, sharp-toothed dinosaur-sized dog retriever showed that these predators also hunt at night," say two researchers in a report.
In addition, although most of the flying reptiles that were analyzed in this study also is active only during the day, there are four species of pterosaurs that have nocturnal ecological characteristics similar to modern bats.

"These findings refute the general understanding that early mammals are threatened by a predator sneaking without previously estimated active only during the day," say two researchers. (SJ)
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