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Vaccines Not So Special For Alcohol Addicts

Chile, the number of people become addicted to alcohol makes a researcher looking for ways to overcome them. The researchers now are developing vaccines that can be used separately against alcohol addiction.

Researchers from Chile are developing a vaccine to combat addiction to alcohol that will be tested on humans next year. The vaccine works by neutralizing the enzyme that metabolizes alcohol.

"The vaccine is in the form of gene therapy based on the dehydrogenase aldehyde, which is a group of enzymes that metabolize alcohol and be responsible for alcohol tolerance," said Juan Asenjo, who led a team of researchers in Chile's Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics and private laboratory Recalcine, as reported by Medindia on Saturday (8 / 1 / 2011).

According to Asenjo, about 20 percent Asian population lack this enzyme, resulting in a strong reaction to consume alcohol.

But Asenjo warned, this vaccine can menyebabkab fewer side effects such as increased anxiety, nausea and tachycardia (accelerated heartbeat).

"But ith this vaccine, the desire to consume alcohol would be greatly reduced," said Asenjo.

The research team has successfully tested the vaccine on mice addicted to alcohol and make the rats halving of alcohol addiction.

"The idea is for 90-95 percent of people reduce alcohol consumption," said Asenjo.

The vaccine will work as well as the patch or pill that helps eliminate the smoking habit, but with better efficiency by specifically targeting the liver cells and to avoid side effects in all cells.

This year, researchers plan to focus on mass production of cells and virus testing in animals to determine the proper dose before launching the test in humans in 2012.
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