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Here's 7 Photos Alien World's Most Famous which turned out False

This is his collection of photographs aliens 'false' which might not yet know the agan.  Although this collection of alien photographs seusungguhnya only international museum property to reconstruct the discovery of the Roswell aliens in Roswell in 1947.  But the discovery of aliens is still debatable truth.  But certainly a collection of photos below is a photograph of an alien-made museum.

1.  Property worn in the photo below, then reimbursed by the museum with the newer alien property.  Be the photo below.  This photo was never entered into the National Geographic magazine and is regarded as one of the 100 best photographs of all time.

2.  This is also an international museum property of the Roswell aliens.  This photo was quite popular among UFO blogs.  However, if observed closely, it appears that a photograph of a physician in addition to the clothing is actually a mannequin (dummy).

See, right right?  If this photo of the original aliens, the children play with the free play at the Headquarters super secret Area 51?

3.  This photo, not from the aliens in Roswell museum, but of an alien autopsy hoax movie made by Ray Santilli.

4.  This alien photo also circulated widely on the internet and blogs, although not as popular UFO photo above.  But just the same.  This photograph is a photograph of the alien property on display in the exhibition space in Japan and made of wax.

5.  Photo below is an excerpt from a movie called "Roswell: The UFO Cover Up".  So the alien corpse in the photo was made by film makers for purposes of illustration.

6.  Classic photo circulating on the Internet following the story that someone found this photo on his father's legacy documents that used to work in Roswell.  When in fact this picture is a picture of an alien made of Latex Hollywood artist named Don Post.

7.  This photo was circulated fairly widely on the Internet and referred to as an alien who was captured by the military in Roswell.  Sometimes the story is different and is referred to as alien Nazi.  When in fact this photo is a photo manipulation that created for the purpose of April Fools in 1950 and appeared in the German magazine "Wiesbadener Tagesblatt"

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