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Pyramid-shaped UFO seen above the Kremlin

Russia was shocked by the appearance of a pyramid-shaped object seen flying over the Kremlin. The form is peculiar to remind some people will ride the Imperial Cruiser in the Star Wars movies.

Photos of this object is shown on the channel Russia Today. According to witnesses, the object may have a side length of about one mile. Obviously this is a great size for a flying object.

Two records that show these objects have also been aired repeatedly on Russian television stations. One of the recordings taken at night from a car and another one taken in the daytime. Both recordings were taken by local residents and has become the most popular recordings on youtube.

Flying object flew for four hours on a red field in the Russian capital. The identity of the object is still not confirmed, but Russian authorities rejected the notion that the object is a ufo.

According to Nick Pope, a former analyst for the department of defense ufo UK, the tape "is one of the most amazing ufo footage I have ever seen."

First, I think and I even believe that the object is a balloon flying billboards or other similar balloon. As the following examples:
Or this one:
Then I thought, if the object is a balloon or balloons advertising whatsoever, whether the Russian people so stupid until they failed to identify it?
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