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10 Habits To Avoid Stress And Depression

10 Habits To Avoid Stress And Depression

There are some habits that made everyday useful to avoid stress and depression.  Not all habits that we often do, but if we can do it, chances are we can avoid stress and depression.  Here are 10 habits that can avoid stress and depression so that we can maintain our mental health.

  1. Writing a diary (diary).  Writing is a good way to express feelings.  With no need to filter our every thought, you are free to express your feelings in writing.  You should not be afraid to be judged, criticized, and even criticized by others.  This allows you to express your emotions and feelings freely.
  2. Get enough sleep.  If you feel less sleep a night, can be coupled with a short nap if needed.  Sleep is a good time for our bodies to recover, repair the immune system, brain a chance to rest and regeneration, and also store energy for the next day.
  3. Sports.  Exercise produces natural endorphins, which help us to put ourselves in a good mood.  There are many studies showing that exercise improves mood.  The brain's ability to think also increased immediately after exercise.
  4. Drink lots of water.  Dehydration is often overlooked, yet our bodies are composed of 95% water.  When the body is dehydrated, we will feel lethargic, irritable, and headache.  The body also tends to misinterpret thirst to be feeling hungry, so often the cause of obesity.  Soft drinks or sweetened drinks do not count as water, you should drink water.
  5. Getting enough vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids (omega-3 fatty acids).  Vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids are special nutrients that help the brain, but often we do not get enough of the foods we eat.  Now is also a lot of sunscreen products that block the absorption of vitamin D in the skin.
  6. Socialize.  It is now easy to become individualistic because of advances in Internet technology makes everything easy to do yourself.  But the socializing and communicating with others is very useful for our mental health.  Although only 1 hour a day, socializing can enhance our mood.
  7. Meditate or pray.  Many people think of worship and pray only as an obligation.  But worship and pray to have as good effects with meditation for our mental health, which brings us to the feeling of calm and peace.
  8. Thankful and grateful.  Often say thanks and gratitude to others give much positive impact on our lives.  Basically, surely there's always something to be thankful for every day no matter what the circumstances.  If we always think positive, then it also gives a positive impact on our lives.
  9. Eating fruits and vegetables.  Many fruit and vegetables can maintain our bodies, including our brains.
  10. Always smiling and friendly to others.  This is probably the hardest thing to do.  Like if we get caught up in our daily routines, be nice and always smiling becomes increasingly difficult.  Any problems at home or at work does affect our social life.  But if we can please others with our smiles, whatever problems we're facing, certainly a sense of excitement will also come to us by itself.

By doing the 10 habits of the above, you will be able to avoid stress and depression.  Doing good habits is essential to develop and maintain a healthy mind.
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